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Moscow Which Can't be Demolished. Muscovites Ask Medvedev to Investigate Luzhkov's Filths

Moscow Which Can't be Demolished. Muscovites Ask Medvedev to Investigate Luzhkov's Filths
Cherny Dmitry 19.04.2010

Spring, love, worries about its future, everyday life of the media active worker, party work... Here am I on a meeting near to the monument to Griboedov. The executive committee of the Left Front asked to make speech - I made it. Revolutionary intelligency has no right to stay at home in a crisis time - Ogaryov and Herzen set the pace for us. Times are much more difficult and gloomy now. The brighter should shine those who understand, who have enzymes of revolutionary theories for digestion of new and new "dishes" of a bourgeois life of times of Post Period, consequences of privatization, initial accumulation of the capital.

Muscovites in protection of Moscow. Left, patriots and democrats - true, oppositional - against those who, using hopes of democrats of the first wave has transformed Moscow into a princedom, in a huge source of rent - surely, status one. At that the mayor - not elected post. Here you can guess - whether there was democracy here? As to Renaissance - even restoration, orthodox - whether it took place after lawlessness in Kadashi? Мilitarev without banners but he ends his speech with: "Luzhkov, go to hell!" Cheerful meeting.

Actually, why it should be sorrowful? Struggle - if it's happiness (according to Marx's vital concept), then the smile should accompany happiness. It's sad to reconcile to building barbarity, while to feel that you have forces to stop it - is pleasant, cheerful, it is useful, it's both adrenaline and psychotherapy after long years of lacking ideas silence. It is not important what banner you have in your hands, if you wish to float against Luzhkov's flotilla with it - the main thing you have a sail, if society will blow, it will get speed. It will bring to trial those investors that have been making a hand of spoiling our city for twenty years. Already at gathering around the monument pedestal listening to kind songs about Moscow where heart-felt Utesov wished us good night - people examined each other with enthusiasm. Here it is - thinking part of society. Here it is - that force which is capable to turn any formation upside down, it is important not to stop doing what's been started.

In our hands - unpretentious leaves with inscriptions "Luzhkov - in resignation!" People - both young and elderly - all are equally affable. Public coalition in protection of Moscow goes out of doors from lobbies and state institutions where quite drive meeting has been noticed recently. Good fellow Marat Gelman - while all participants of coalition make speech, more precisely, do not constrain either words, or emotions when one speaks about pernicious for historical and civil Moscow General plan. Our fellow Marat told the day before the meeting in Public chamber: "For Moscow management the capital centre is a vegetable bed where they want to receive a crop".

Who will not sign under this obvious statement? All of us observe year after year Muscovites being moved from the centre of Moscow, as it becomes office centre.

But there's no use of saying it by me - the author of the book "Poem of a Capital"? It's different thing if not somewhere but in Public chamber, not someone but gallery owner with a world name will say - then you will not ignore. Here Platonov with Kuzmin were compelled to go away - having snapped already behind the doors, yes, we are gentlemen, we will not scuffle in Public chamber.

Well, you should set a time, guys, word up! (as during formation of coalition Marat Gelman said in reply to Militaryov's invitation to procession quietly said: "No, I'd better stay with boys" - about the Left Front, far away from antiquity and religion, closer to real, not metaphysical but physical struggle). He sticks to his word, he bites the bullet - though the chamber apologized then but offended Luzhkov's company took offence and did not accept fax apologies...

You know, we, extremists, understand the reason of a noble fury of quite successful bourgeois - though in general they are not our class brothers. After all even for them life in Moscow is impossible. Just imagine, you do a bit of travelling all over the world, earn a lot of money buy apartment on Ostozhenka - and hope that you have long happy life in one of the European cities ahead of you. After all democrats-subversives of planned system dreamt of it - including in construction business - say, we are bored with typical concrete buildings, we want individual, more beautiful ones... as a result they received dot building, Moscow construction complex which enriches a clan grouped round mayor. "Ostozhenka-Hills" will grow instead of old Moscow low-rise area. What do we have here - Sweden, Copenhagen, Germany or Moscow? Peter I looks at you on the Moskva River - certifying you that nevertheless you are in Moscow but the one already wildly spoilt with capitalism.


Even the most elite house, especially in the centre of Moscow exists in close interrelation with environment and here, behind the windows, private property ceases to exist. Again Marx's ironical smile: "Freedom of one comes to an end there where freedom of another begins". Relating to the private property problematics it sounds as follows: right under the very window of your apartment arranged in the European way other bourgeois can construct a tower for the sake of own enrichment - you has grown rich selling pictures and he wishes to grow rich in the easier way inhabiting new families of elite into the center of Moscow (after all the living space here is more expensive than other European capitals - but whence we have so many elite?). The conflict is obvious.


Thus, if different bourgeois build in different areas, if there would be that competition which bourgeois democracy puts in the head of any corner - half-trouble. But neofeudalism in the Moscow princedom is arranged in such a way that exclusively clan, family persons can get enriched at the account of dot building. Surnames of all magnates, all men and women billionaires who occupy tops of Forbs only because they deprive Muscovites insolation and pure air - are widely know for a long time.

The bed of the gardener and beekeeper Luzhkov is a cover of all Russian Federation, it is the main illustration to politological concept of neofeudalism. There was socialist property in the USSR - everything was shared with a view of public progress including the rent enriching the budget of all country. When future oligarchs began to take away everything from the Soviet people and to divide - the Moscow princedom, luzhkov's bed appeared. How many profitable areas! Where do incomes go to? (To imagine scales and amount of split-ups - count how many television channels, all these VKT, "Doveries", "Stolitsas", "Domashnies" and so forth are in Moscow)

Thanks to the system structure we cannot learn about it - though permanent speaker of Moscow City Council Platonov considers himself the democrat up to this day. Only people, Muscovites see everything - the wedding modest capital official organized to his son in "Metelitsa" at the dawn of stabilization and the glossy face of the chief architect. Where do they take if from?

"A lot of Muscovites wait, when General plan will appear and protect their houses, their areas," - Platonov says. He'd better answer our protestors - whose houses became a change on someone's way to wealth, to the new PROFITABLE areas... No, dear sirs, you can't hide the obvious any more!

This very banal question gathered real opposition at the meeting - which building barbarity in Moscow forced to unite, making forget ideological conflicts. Here you are - the leaflet reminding by configuration of the mayor burns... How he destroyed architecture monuments, how he built models on a place of original historical objects, how exchanged art décor on typical 16-storey buildings - everything was recollected. Nothing but hatred flame. It's only the beginning of punishment - while only emotional - of those who made profit from privatization of social property, on capture of profitable areas, lucrative jobs, "fish" creeks...

There was time - capital intelligency stay as the observer hoping that after grey "totalitarianism" new owners privatizing both land and houses will built in Moscow unprecedented beauty... However, when the same lime, better decorated towers began growing before their windows - here intelligency went out of their apartments. The choice is narrow - either resistance, or to live as in prison with windows tightly covered with someone's mercenary interests. Now - how not to recollect what capitalism is and what mechanisms of influence on the city authorities that "homo sovieticus" which our democrats together with future mayor Luzhkov subverted gave...

Almost half a year passed from Anger Day which anticipated elections in Moscow City Council. At the meeting I told that a modernist style monument on 2-nd Brestskaya (two steps away from Mosstroyproject giving out new areas for building) just about to fall because of natural reasons. Since then a lot of new office buildings - notwithstanding the crisis - were built in Moscow. Only Don-story at the corner of the Garden Ring Road and Kaljaevskaya street turned to a long-term construction, the rest are being "wrapped up" on the sly by guest workers - the cheapest - others are too expensive now for bourgeois... While the house of Kekushev remains as it was - smoked dead body. Be sure - it will ruin under the pressure of summer rains, future builders already wait for it. That is the way capital construction complex is being organized. It's in general ideology of the Post-Soviet power - to wait for natural extinction and to build profitable areas, to conduct pipelines, to enrich "families". We really have things to get opposed, don't we?

Struggle against the richest in the country neofeudal Moscow mode - school for all regions. After all, if to ponder, local oligarchs are richer and more prospective, than oil and gas security officials of federal level ruling the country. Why? Well, because their resource is being constantly renewed - they build new monolithic faceless huge houses on a place of old houses which bring even bigger income. So - indefinitely, transferring to their children once privatized. Transferring also posts by right of succession - as they are not elective. Neofeudalism in its pure state - people are deprived of civil rights, it is simply population which can be both moved away or simply ignored.

Suddenly the Public Chamber raises its voice and Muscovites addressed the top at the meeting - at once to Medvedev with the requirement to remove Luzhkov and to investigate all his acts during board in Moscow. The general plan is that powerful screen which could have justified backdating incalculable episodes of building lawlessness, pulling down of unique, public monuments of architecture, building of houses-abortions, shopping malls attracting new mechanisms of capitalist "magnets" in the centre of Moscow for the sake of profit instead of organization of foot zones and automovement dispersion...

Perhaps, I retold here not only own performance at a meeting (between Bilunov and Litvinovich). People also demanded Putin's resignation as of more high-ranking than Luzhkov member of "Edinaya Russia". Comrade Udaltsov on behalf of the people gathered addressed Medvedev with the requirement to investigate Luzhkov's activity during his stay on the post of mayor in detail as soon as possible and to make organizational conclusions. It will become clear to Muscovites as well to all citizens of the Russian Federation on the example of one inviolable: if modernization is profanation or real personnel decisions, fight against corruption - only chatter in the state mass-media or we'll do something about it at last? Who is mister Medvedev?

It was only start - now the challenge is tossed, the capital ant hill of the investor is stirred, it is necessary not to allow them to build new pyramid. It is impossible to allow them to confirm by hook or by crook their destructive for Moscow and choky for its population General Plan.

Moscow is behind us, we have no place to recede. Moscow which can't be demolished - moving, holding a meeting - it's us - some kind of monuments of architecture. We only have to make a stand on the way of mercenary barbarians. Here you are Militaryov, Litvinovich, Udaltsov and Gelman and other not gathered yet but understanding workers of the capital - everybody should become a live board publicly near to each condemned house where the rights of Muscovites are infringed. Both near to shabby house of Rechnik and in the centre of Moscow near the house of Kekushev. Aggressive building barbarity should be opposed by cultural resistance - here, in Moscow, is the most suitable place.

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