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Pavel Basanets Declared the Beginning of Revolution

Today creation of the new organization - socio-political movement "Common Sense of Russia" - was announced. It is the next step in "revolution of common sense" declared in December which was sounded by Pavel Basanets on the assembly of veterans of foreign intelligence. Initiative of Basanets had a loud resonance in the society though about it wasn't spoken about on the first and second channels of TV. But having taken the first step to "revolution of common sense" it is ridiculous to stop and not to do the next one which is already awaited by people with impatience.

The initiative group which has declared creation of the movement consists already not of one Pavel Basants who the has been the first "to stand up from the trench". There are three surnames under the declaration. But actually the number of the participants of the project is even now more than at the earliest stage. Tomorrow it will be already thousand people. The day after tomorrow - tens thousand.

Basically, revolution of common sense has already begun.


Of socio-political movement "Common Sense of Russia"

Russia is ruined and plundered. Everything that by the right of a birth belongs to all citizens of Russia - is impudently appropriated by the group of oligarchs. Factories and plants have been destroyed, the agriculture has been ruined, free-of-charge education and medicine have practically disappeared.

Reduction of population in the richest country of the world has exceeded one million people per year.

Today all parts of life of the Russian society are captured by system crisis.

Economy of the country has been built up on the raptor-like sale of raw materials. Money taken are being appropriated by oligarchs and settled down abroad.

Introduction of Russia into WTO will destruct domestic industry and in the first place military industrial complex as well as small and medium business.

Defense capacity of the country surrounded by hostile basis of the NATO doesn't correspond to the demands of the time. The army is demoralized, incompetent and represents real threat to the lives of young people.

New-sprung bourgeois rolls in luxury while the majority of the Russians are cruelly put into the verge of survival.

Almost all political party of the country are being controlled by the regime and serves to the interests of the bourgeois mode.

Mass-media controlled by the authority are busy with making citizens fools. Elections have been turned into explicit farce.

Continuation of the disastrous course will inevitably lead to the ruin of the country.

Institute of self-protection and common sense dictate: IT"S IMPOSSIBLE TO LIVE LIKE THIS!

We, citizens of Great Russia, who are not indifferent to the destiny of our motherland, aiming to find the way out of the crisis declare about creation of socio-political movement "Common Sense of Russia".

We are not going to be registered in the Ministry of Justice, we don't strive for mandates and posts.

Our aim is - to establish in Russia new socio-political relations of a new, responsible authority and as a kind of guarantee of control over it - strong opposition.

Top-priority steps of a new authority are seen by us as follows:

  • - nationalization of enterprises of the raw materials complex, heavy industry, enterprises of transport and communication;
  • - revival of industry and agriculture;
  • - reestablishment of defense capacity of the country;
  • - reestablishment of free of charge and general education and medicine;
  • - provision of social guarantees and privileges;
  • - return of deposits stolen from the populace;
  • - return of the capitals exported abroad;
  • - involvement to the responsibility of people guilty in the plunder of the country without terms of limitation and place of residence;
  • - leading of precise work on creation of the renewed Union of, first of all, Slavonic Republics.


We realize that the steps mentioned are not exhaustive and we are ready to the dialogue with all citizens who share main items of our Declaration.

We are at the beginning of difficult and thorny way. The result of our work will be support of our followers of that responsible political force on elections which will fulfill exact plan of renewal of Russia prompted by Common Sense of citizens of Russia.

Pavel Basanets

Nikolay Moskovchenko

Anatoly Baranov

Letters in support and intensions to participate in work of socio-political movement "Common Sense of Russia" can be send to the address: http://mail.yandex.ru/compose?to=dzsr@mail.ru

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