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People with One-Million-Dollars-Cost Watch Will Fight against Corruption

People with One-Million-Dollars-Cost Watch Will Fight against Corruption

New structure has been created in the Moscow government. Commission on counteraction of corruption became a part of a capital complex of town-planning policy and building. The first deputy of the mayor in the government of Moscow Vladimir Resin headed new structure. Commission sessions will be carried out not less than once in a half a year - encouraging rates.

Vladimir Resin, according to the tax declaration submitted by him, earned in 2009 19,452 million roubles and his wife - 29,234 million roubles, is said on a site of the government of Moscow. One year ago the fact that the assistant to the mayor of Moscow Vladimir Resin had the most expensive watch - with cost more than $1 million - became public domain. Resin has watch DeWitt model La Pressy Grande Complication which cost exceeds $1 million. That is more than Resin earned together with his spouse last year.

Vladimir Resin owns a country site with a total area of 10 thousand square metres, a summer residence with total area 1,8 thousand square metres and third of share of the apartment which total area makes 166 square metres. Besides, Resin has car ZIM GAZ 12, Volga GAZ 21М and Pobeda GAZ 20М.

Country site with total area of 2,5 thousand square metres, summer residence with total area of 700 square metres and, except the third share of the apartment shared with the spouse, apartment with total area of 175 square metres are in possession of Resin's wife. Spouse of Vladimir Resin prefers luxury cars - she owns Lexus LS600H. We will note that nobody earlier suppose that the spouse of the head of Moscow building complex is the owner of serious incomes and the owner of large business. However, who she is and what exactly she is engaged in - the Internet portal of the government of Moscow modestly conceals. 

Commission structure also includes the main architect of the city Alexander Kuzmin and the chief of department of city building Alexander Kosovan.

The fact that only for nine months of last year inspectors of capital of Investigation Committee opened 700 criminal cases on the facts of corruption testifies struggle of the mayoralty against embezzlement of public funds and other crimes in property sphere, mainly, in building and advertising. Officials of different levels, taking bribes, caused to the state damage of 65 million roubles. We will note that these are only evidential facts.


From editorial board: I can't stop being happy with the given event. Especially with the fact that Commission on Corruption Counteraction will be headed by known not-moneymaker Vladimir Resin.


We should expect that soon not only Moscow but all the world of corruption will shudder under victorious blows of the known fighter for capital prosperity. High market cost of honour, dignity and business reputation of the mayor of Moscow and other members of the Moscow government serves as guarantee. It is possible not to doubt that this commission which members are so disinterested persons as the main architect of Moscow Alexander Kuzmin and the chief of department of city building Alexander Kosovan will fulfill all tasks which are put before it and will even get ahead of it.


It's interesting to learn now what real, not declared tasks are put before the commission. It's also interesting, whether this commission will study materials which have been handed over by Vladimir Zhirinovsky to the chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and which traces have got lost in the bureaucratic sea. It is difficult to refrain from mean suspicion that the head of the government of the Russian Federation has transferred Zhirinovsky's materials to those who are mentioned in them.


However, if, as it is promised, materials on corruption will be transferred for publication, I have already spoken with editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov who is also delighted with such initiative and is ready to publish all these materials completely and free of charge in any volume. Only where to receive these materials from? Perhaps Zhirinovsky still had a copy?


By the way, the president could institute the award for fight against corruption. For example, watch with DeWitt model La Pressy Grande Complication with an inscription: "For honesty and unselfishness".


Vladimir Akimov, political scientist


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