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The President of the Ukraine Published Incomes of the Previous Year while the President of Russia - Keeps It in Secret


Incomes of the president of the Ukraine Victor Jushchenko in 2006 made up 1,141 million hryvnas (230 thousand dollars, one dollar is approximately equal to five hryvnas), the salary made up 489 thousand hryvnas from the sum. Information was taken from the declaration of the head of the state for 2006 which was showed to mass-media.

According to the declaration, incomes of the president from scientific, teaching and creative activity made up 504,6 thousand hryvnas. Thus the income from enterprise and independent professional activity of members of the family of the head of the state made up 285.1 thousand hryvnas while income from disposition of investments and corporate rights - 96.9 thousand.

In the declaration of the head of the state is also mentioned that the sum of money resources of Juschenko which are on accounts in banks and other financial-credit establishments consists in 1,3 million hryvnas while the ones of family members of the president - 1,18 million, at that all these means are in foreign banks.

According to the declaration, the president owns the ground area of 131,3 thousand square meters, an apartment house of total area of 656,7 square meters and also an apartment of 371,9 square meters (the members of his family have approximately 300 square meters). It is also stated in the declaration that the head of the state owns several transport means.  

- We have the right to doubt that real incomes of the president of the Ukraine correspond to a quite modest (but not to the Ukrainian measures) sum of 230 thousand dollars, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - For example, to recollect the car his son got into unpleasant history in - there the price of the car made up approximately 2 father's official annual incomes. We can also recollect about a new president residence in Bezradichy. We can wait, eventually, the terminations of the presidential term and see what exactly belong to Mr. Juschenko and his family. As to the his superiority over the president of Russia V.V.Putin we can't judge - as we are John Brawns.

"As a result we are forced to judge about material component in life of the Russian tops as the grammar-school boys from spying after lady's change room, we are compelled to judge from some indirect attributes, - Anatoly Baranov continues. - It's completely not a European way. Though we perfectly understand that, entering into boards of the largest Russian companies, officials of a category "A" have incomes of an oligarchical level. For example, even former assistant of the minister of economic development Mr. Remchukov can buy "Independent Newspaper" - earlier only Beresovsky can afford himself to do it.  We published dresses and interiors of spouses of the Minister of Finance Kudrin (official income in 2004 is nearby 1300 thousand rbl.) from fashionable magazine. We, certainly, understand that true bankroll of the president of Russia should be very impressive. But to what extend? In fact we have the right to know it. As well as we have the right to know that there's a fashion among the officials of category "A" not to take quite big official salary - just leave it in an envelope for cleaners. I.e. rather significantly raised salaries of the officials - is just a little share of their incomes which they simply ignore. All this is simply cynical and has absolutely no relation to democracy, principles of openness of authority and other important things which our rulers treat as nonsense as to the official salary..."
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