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Putin Denied Juschenko Audience

Putin Denied Juschenko Audience
Victor Jushchenko's visit to Russia, planned for March, 21-22 will not take place. It was yesterday officially confirmed by the press-service of the president of the Ukraine. According to a communique, Mr. Jushchenko himself suggested to postpone the visit "in connection with tragedy in Kuzbas". In reality the trip went wrong under the initiative of the Russian side. Thus the Kremlin decided to show its dissatisfaction with westernized position of the Ukrainian president. Besides Moscowis not satisfied with the candidates to a post of the chapter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ukraine who are proposed by Juschenko. So, Moscow one more time decided to "put back" Kiev.

The initiative of carrying out of working visit of Victor Jushchenko to Russia proceeded from the Ukrainian side. Negotiations were conducted during a month, at that, besides negotiations with Vladimir Putin, the chapter of the Ukrainian state expressed a wish to meet prime-minister Michael Fradkov and with speakers of the Upper and Lower Chambers of the Russian parliament Sergey Mironov and Boris Gryzlov. Here the Russian side quite reasonably expressed bewilderment - what for Juschenko wants to meet androids?

Besides the Ukrainian side insisted on Victor Jushchenko's communication with chief editors of leading Russian mass-media, on making public speech in the Moscow State University and visiting Solovetsky monastery - this sad place was earlier visited only by one of the heads of the Ukraine - by last Koshevoy ataman from Zaporozhye cossacks Peter Kalnyshevsky. Prominent Ukrainian politician of the 18-th century spent there in imprisonment almost a quarter of a century. What for Juschenko hurries up to Solovky? He will still have time, obviously, was decided in Moscow.

Part of the demands from Kiev was rejected in the Kremlin. The program of visit was corrected for several times, it was planned to last only one day, than two days. But the date of Juschenko's arrival to Moscow and his meetings with Putin - on March, 21st - was approved for sure. Though what does it mean "for sure" if it is a question of plans of the Russian president?

About seven o'clock in the evening there was an offer from Moscow to Kiev to postpone the visit planned sent by diplomatic channels. This offer became for Kiev not simply unexpected, it caused shock. Victor Jushchenko urgently asked for the ambassador of the Russian Federation Victor Tchernomyrdin. Conversation of the president of the Ukraine with the Russian ambassador took place late at night, but the result of conversation was zero.

Late at night the press-service of the president of the Ukraine officially confirmed that visit was transferred: "In connection with tragedy on mine in Kuzbas Victor Jushchenko suggested Vladimir Putin to postpone their meeting in Moscow till April".

There was of course nothing said that actually visit was broken under the initiative of the Russian side as well as about the real reasons of breaking up.

"Commersant-Ukraine" writes that true reasons of transfer of visit are the following:

- Victor Jushchenko's application in support of plans of the USA on accommodation of elements of Ballistic Missile Defense system in Czechia and Poland while Russia actively acts against it. "When we asked Victor Andreevich to clear up this item, we received assurances of the type `you know, how I respect you!" in answer", the source told.

- unpunctuality of the President of the Ukraine. According to the same source in the Russian management, several days ago Victor Jushchenko asked to organize telephone conversation with the president of Russia. "They agreed In the Kremlin, chose the time but for half an hour before conversation administration of Mr. Jushchenko called on and said that Victor Andreevich, unfortunately, was occupied and cannot talk to Vladimir Vladimirovich".

- an attitude of the Russian side to Juschenko's nominee on a post of the chapter of the Ukranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Ogryzko. During one of working consultations Mr. Ogryzko in a pointed manner demanded to provide him with the translator from Russian to the Ukranian language though he posses the Russian tolerably enough.

In general, provincial politicians in Kiev showed off and they decided in Moscow to show who was who.

Actually all this is not in time - to the beginning of a tourist season the Ukrainian frontier guards, customs officers and GAI officers will remember to the Russian tourists all "humiliations" of the Ukrainian politicians before "sworn muskovites". The attitude to the Russian tourists already on the Ukrainian border is exact mould from official relations of Moscow and Kiev. Certainly, it is symmetric and in the opposite direction - the Russian officials to the Ukrainians.

It would be better if Juscheko was permitted to visit Solovky if he wants...

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