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Lukashenko Dispersed His "Discordant" With Water Jets

Lukashenko Dispersed His "Discordant" With Water Jets

Demonstration and meeting of opposition finished in Minsk. As the correspondent of "Interfax" transfers, about 4 thousand people took part in not authorized street actions. According to preliminary data, during meeting near the building of national library two young persons were detained.

A little bit different information was received from the Ukrainian sources. The action of the Belarus opposition which took place on Sunday in Minsk within the limits of Day of Will ended in dispersal and detention of its participants. About 30 people are detained for sure, they are in different police stations of the city. Meanwhile the press centre of "Charter'97" referring to estimations of journalists and legal experts approves that up to 10 thousand people gathered to take part in the meeting.

Nearby 700 people who didn't break up after meeting near the Academy of sciences directed columned aside National library where at the moment authorized national open air celebrations with a variety show were held. At the approach of demonstrators the official concert was finished and the participants of the oppositional action were dispersed with the help of water jets.

On the eve of the planned action law enforcement bodies of Belarus had detained some tens of oppositionists. The general number of arrested persons make for today about hundred people.

- It is difficult to say now, whether actions of the Belarus and Russian liberal opposition were coordinated, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov says, - meanwhile actions of power structures of Russia and Belarus look coordinated "like carbon copies". The same preventive arrests, ridiculous interdictions of quite harmless marches, unreasonably strict actions of law enforcement bodies. But if things that happen in the Russian reality are absolutely clear to me and I don't wait anything else from Putin and his militants, why such silly form of dialogue with opposition is being copied by Alexander Grigorevich Lukashenko for me, for example, is not clear at all. Lukashenko is popular in the country and is in good graces with the significant part of the Russian opposition. His position is steady and open suppression of liberal freedom seems to be a serious mistake of the Belarusian leader, especially if he decides to get engaged in the Russian policy some time. I think that Alexander Lukashenko should necessarily reconsider this part of his policy, as soon as in all the rest it's quite reasonable and successful.  

Among others on a meeting made public speeches the former candidate for presidents of Belarus Alexander Milinkevich and also the leader of Union of Right Forces Nikita Belyh. Deputies of Seym of Poland, representatives of some democratic organizations of Azerbaijan, Russia and also representatives of EuroParliament acted on a meeting in support of the Belarus opposition. Participants of the meeting demanded to release all political prisoners, including the ex-candidate in president Alexander Kozulin.

- Certainly, keeping imprisoned the ex-candidate in presidents arrested just after the elections and who already carried out long-term hunger strike in such conditions causes enormous loss to the image of "batka", - Anatoly Baranov considers. - There is in Belarus undoubtedly people's power that acts in the interests of overwhelming majority of people. But clumsy, I would say, bad and confused actions of this authority in the field of PR threaten in the most direct way to the interests of Belarus people and indirectly - damage also all peoples of the former USSR which today would like to be guided by Belarus. Thus they see, excuse me, dull image policy of authority which brings to nothing all good deeds that has been reached by Byelorussians and their president. People see - no matter if it's people's power or authority of oligarches - they shoot from "democratisator" in the same way.
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