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117 People Endorsed to Participate in Hunger Strike

117 People Endorsed to Participate in Hunger Strike
Spirkin Nikolay 15.05.2010

The workers of one of enterprises in Rubtsovsk can begin termless hunger strike directly on the street. It was declared by the first secretary of a city committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation of Rubtsovsk and the head of the working committee Sergey Yurchenko, the press-service of the regional branch of the party informs. According to the head of the working committee Sergey Yurchenko, representatives of local authorities actively invite potential participants of hunger strike to medical inspections. Ostensibly, to define state of health before the action.

"The workers, naturally, didn't believe in care of authorities of their health, - the head of the working committee declared, - especially after we were actually compelled to carry out action open-air. Vice-governor Ryapolov staying in Rubtsovsk - does his bit. They change key locks, fasten doors in all premises where the workers of "Alttrak" assumed to carry out hunger strike. In particular, they changed key lock into the premise of Council of Veterans ATZ where the workers initially planned to carry out hunger strike. The heads of "Council of Veterans" naturally were not given the keys".

In the same way, Yurchenko marks, they also isolated the hall of the Center of Public Organisations where today city committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation of Rubtsovsk is being placed. Besides, according to the data of the head of the "working committee", police squads to interfere the workers with carrying out of hunger strike will be placed to the possible beginning of hunger strike near to all cinemas, recreation centres and other public premises with big area.

 "Literally an hour ago lessons in Rubtsovsk Industrial Institute were interrupted and the students were directed to seal up all premises of "Alttrak". However, the variant of mass termless hunger strike open-air has been already discussed so we are ready to it", - Yurchenko marks.

On May, 13th the meeting of active workers of the working committee with representative of proprietors of "Alttrak" Gennady Tarulenkov who, in particular, promised to think over the request of the workers for granting of one of enterprise premises for hunger strike was planned. Besides, the workers hoped to hear the answer of the chief to conditions of suspension of hunger strike stated earlier: the action can be suspended only under condition of repayment of 25 million roubles of debts. But, as it became known to active workers of the "working committee", the meeting was cancelled at the initiative of authorities. As communists mark, it's not the first attempts of the power to prevent carrying out of hunger strike.

On May, 11th during a meeting with the vice-governor of the territory Vitaly Ryapolov and officials of Rubtsovsk some representatives of the "working committee" were offered single material aid in the line of management of social protection which was apprehended as attempt of payoff for the purpose of non-admission to hunger strike.

"We were told that they could give 2-3 thousand to penniless, - one of active workers of "working committee" Nina Belkina noted, - though yesterday on TV they were talking about 3 - 5 thousand roubles. Naturally, when the offer about material aid was sounded, a thought about payoff attempt appeared, therefore, we declared at once that we would not refuse from participation in the action under any circumstances. We were not told what sum exactly would be distributed but it's a question of small money: we initially offered the list from 200 persons but officials said that they didn't have such money, therefore as a result they chose 16 people. Some workers had already got two-three thousand".

The workers, according to the active worker of the "working committee" Nina Belkina, didn't belive from the very beginning in fast positive decision of both questions.

"Our refusal to carry out action will be apprehended as weakness and one more possibility to spit on our rights. Therefore we will not stop!" - Belkina declared.

It is necessary to notice that wages debts to the workers of "Alttrak" in Rubtsovsk, according to official figures, make more than 60 million roubles. Months-long debts became principal cause of such extreme measures as hunger strike. The working committee of the enterprise has already sent three public references to the president of Russia (including one video reference) about necessity of immediate interference with a problem of nonpayment of salary debts as this question is not being solved at a level of Altay territory.

117 people endorsed to participate in hunger strike.


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