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UK family shot dead in eastern Pakistan

UK family shot dead in eastern Pakistan

The father, mother and 22-year-old daughter were killed at a cemetery in a village near the city of Gujrat.

The three, of Nelson, Lancashire, were shot by four gunmen - understood to be related to them - after an argument broke out. Another woman was killed.

The Foreign Office says the British High Commission in Islamabad is investigating the reports.

BBC Islamabad correspondent Aleem Maqbool said two of the gunmen had been arrested, but the other two were still at large.

Police have said two of the suspects are nephews of the murdered couple - believed to have been in Pakistan to attend a wedding.

But, our correspondent added, officers had not given any indication of what the dispute was about.

The bodies of the murdered family are expected to be buried later on Friday.

Lancashire Police have said they are offering help to a family in Nelson.
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