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Flood Water in Selizharovsky Area

Flood Water in Selizharovsky Area

In reply to amateurish message from May, 18th, 2010 about flood water in our area I want to inform the readers that the water level in 3 rivers of the regional centre and the lake of Volgo sharply raised as a result of storm rains lasting many days. Really, there was a local underflooding of several streets, stadium in village Selizharovo and washing out of separate sites of a highway near to the village Shuvaevo with damage of 2 pipelines.

That very day after informing of the governor of Tver region D.V.Zelenin on the situation the head of department of regional safety Plyaskin A.M. carried out operative visiting meeting with participation of representatives of Road fund and EMERCOM of Tver region, a number of decisions were accepted which realization normalized situation duing 24 hours. There was the decision on rendering of financial help to the area accepted at the session of the regional commission on Emergency Measures.

For today recovery works are being carried out on the highway. There was no and there's no threat to life of people and to capital structures. The population was operatively informed on all actions of the regional and district power.

I am ready to continue discussions with those who is interested in more detailed information on a site of administration of Selizharovsky area: www.Seligarovo.ru

The head of Selizharovsky area

Alexey Titov


From editorial board: We have great respect towards those representatives of executive power who are not afraid to enter open conversation with citizens. Unfortunately, it happens extremely seldom and consequently - one more time I want to show respect to the head of the area Alexey Titov.


However, as to the question of dilettantism - excuse me but all of us are dilettantes in this life. A citizen who, having looked out of a window, sees a flood is not obliged to be the expert-hydrotechnician but he has all the right to express own opinion about it. In the given concrete case sharp expressions, you should agree, are quite justified.


Unless the author says lies? No, he accompanies his text with photos and video shooting, where it's seen very well - it is a question of not of "underflooding" but of a flood. Underflooding - you should know, it's when it is possible to pass in boots. When only by boat - it's, excuse me, already flood.


Besides - you write in the heading about flood water but flood water has already passed long ago in your area, it's hot and all trees are green. You yourself mention not thawing of snow that is the reason of flood water but about strong downpours. So, I'd like to advise you to be cautious about "amateurish messages"...

So, we have two emotional estimations - of the ordinary inhabitant of village Selizharovo and the head of the regional administration. While we have no answer to the question about flood reasons. Rains are not the justification, the heavens didn't open over Tver region.

For your reference - here you are the reference to weather archive in Tver region from May, 14 till May, 18th - as you can see, there's no supernatural rains. Only 1 downpour on 17th of May and two more slight rains. While there were no rains at all on 14th and 18th.

It interesting to know - if there was emergency bleed of waters on a dam which our reader mentions and what, in his opinion, the reason of the flood is? If the bleed took place - why there was no notification, why no preventive actions were undertaken?

Excuse me, but even judging by your message, the meeting at the head of department of regional safety was carried out in emergency way, that is nobody expected flood. Why?

What measures were undertaken? You do not inform. If it's a secret?

You write that in a day conditions were normalized. What did assisted to it?

The third thing - about a role of the governor. You write that he was informed and he charged to not even the vice-governor but the head of the department to normalize situation. At the time when two settlements of the area are folooded.

I will remind you that when similar misfortune took place in the Western Ukraine, president Yushchenko personally arrived. We are not the admirers of the ex-president but then he behaved adequately.

Whether the governor of Tver region is such a person - there's no comparing to the Ukrainian president - that it's impossible to disturb him even in case of the flood?

We want to have more detailed answer. And not on the site of regional administration but in more public place as this case acquires federal importance.

However I want to show you my respect for your attention to public opinion.


Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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