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Superjet Will Impoverish Domestic Aero Industry

Superjet Will Impoverish Domestic Aero Industry

Putting into operation of a new medium distance plane Superjet 100 will push modernization of a network of fly grounds in Russia. Such opinion was expressed on Friday by the first vice-premier Sergey Ivanov judging from the results of a conference on the prospects of development of Komsomol-on-Amur aviation production association (КnААPО) where this plane is being produced, RIA of News informs.

However, to say that КnААPО "produces" Superjet 100 is rather early - a lot of time will pass before its production as the machine is in a stage of project. So, when there will appear a series and whether it will appear - it is known only to the first vice-premier. Even then it's not exact.

"To speak frankly it is necessary to recognize that this plane can't land on every takeoff runway, we have runways of a poor quality", - Ivanov said.

- This declaration is shocking, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov thinks. - As soon as Superjet was created by "Sukhoj" as the plane for the Russian conditions and if the condition of the Russian fly grounds was not taken into consideration by the parameters of the machine, then what was considered? For some reason planes "An" are projected counting upon landing even on a grassy covering while Superjet will demand, according to Ivanov, reconstruction of all network of the Russian fly grounds, that will lead to enormous appreciation of the project.

In opinion of the first vice-premier, serial production of planes Superjet 100 "will push modernization of a ground transport infrastructure, that is fly grounds".

"But the matter is not only in "Superjet". Both "Boeing" and "Aerobus" push us to the same extent to it", - Ivanov noted.

- It would be logical to assume, - Anatoly Baranov makes comments, - that the basic sense of domestic passenger aircraft construction lies in the fact that nobody "push" us to nothing. That is that the country should develop such models of planes which would correspond to its needs and opportunities - financial, technical. Our country is huge and own aircraft construction is one of necessary factors of maintenance of uniform economic space in Russia, in essence, maintenance of unity of the country. We already observe that east regions, let us say, in the field of motor industry are ready to pass to right-hand driving - it's economically justified for the Far East. If we pass to foreign standards in aircraft construction it is necessary to reconstruct also absolutely all ground infrastructure from standards of for flight strips to dispatcher services. It is madly expensive and no country which management is in its senses won't voluntary go on it.

"Creation of new modern plane forces carriers, that is airlines, the state to modernize an air field network", - the first vice-premier said.

- And the logical answer of air carriers will be as follows - what the hell do we need such a plane if it would be necessary at own expense to reconstruct all air field network of the state on the one sixth part of a land, - Anatoly Baranov considers. - Previous medium distance project Tu-334 was held defective for much more modest reasons - the price of the machines appeared to be 4-5 million dollars higher than the initial price and it was decided to be unpractical. And here into the primecost of the project reconstruction of all aero network of the state is being laid - and it seems to be ok!

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