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Moscow Authorities Demand to Cancel Sanctuary of the Dwelling

Moscow Authorities Demand to Cancel Sanctuary of the Dwelling

Capital authorities suggest to make changes in the federal legislation which will allow judicial police officers without consent of proprietors to enter the apartments, the vice-president of the commission of Moscow City Council on municipal economy and housing policy Valery Skobinov informed on Tuesday.

"The quantity of appeals from citizens connected with check of legality of re-planning in apartment houses recently has sharply increased. All these references are from neighbours who worry, whether partition walls will not be ruined and whether this re-planning will not damage condition of the house", - Skobinov said at session of the government of Moscow.

According to him, a lot of inhabitants do not allow inspectors of Moscow Housing Inspection to enter their apartments to carry out checking of technical and sanitarians condition, they have such a right given by the law.

"Для того, чтобы оперативно реагировать на обращение граждан о возможной незаконной перепланировке, мы считаем необходимым внести изменения в гражданский и процессуальный кодексы РФ о возможности рассмотрения в судах дел о незаконной перепланировке в течение двух-трех дней, а не двух месяцев, как это происходит сейчас", - отметил Скобинов.

He explained that such change will allow to execute immediately juridical orders instead of waiting for court orders as it occurs now.

"Besides it is necessary to make changes connected with sanction of penetration into premises of judicial police officers without the consent of proprietors on the basis of judgements. Then judicial police officers together with militia men who will be responsible for safety of property of citizens can get into apartments and check its technical condition," -  the vice-president of the commission added.

- It coincided so that deputy Skobinov for two times already is being elected in the district where I live, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov makes comments on a situation. - To tell you the truth, neither I, nor people who live around see good from him. How was he elected? No one among people whom I know and I know a lot of them in the district voted for him. Actually, the obedient majority in Moscow City Council consists of such deputies who either vocalize someone's tasks or automatically vote for draft bills which are introduced by Moscow government.

"Every innovation which restricts the rights of citizens and increases powers of authority should cause enormous vigilance in a society, - Anatoly Baranov considers. - The given initiative clearly encroaches on an inner sanctum of a civil society - on inviolability of dwelling. Please, tell me, if somebody trusts authorities to the extend that he is ready to let in its representatives into the house actually without any restrictions? Because to stamp necessary piece of paper for the officer of the court in city court of any instance - is not so difficult. Capital authorities give eye-teeth for the possibility when it will be allowed to them simply to throw out tenants from their apartments for the slightest faults. The initiative given is - a serious step to it. Certainly, illegal re-planning is - a gross infringement but intrusion into the dwelling with or without any occasion - is hundred times worse. All the more so under decision of court this is possible even now while houses still do not ruin from illegal re-plannings as card-castles. Why not to wait a couple of months? If there is such a need to give someone the right of real simplified legal proceeding in the field of housing?

- But the most ridiculous and at the same time terrible is that skobinovs will not ask for the opinions of a society, - Anatoly Baranov finishes. - They have vocalized the initiative and will accept it. They don't care that voters don't like it. Moscow deputies from the party in power have one voter - Jury Mihajlovich Luzhkov. And it seems that the nearest five years his surname will not change.
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