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Putin Will Start His Own BAM – in the Direction of Vienese Forest

Putin Will Start His Own BAM – in the Direction of Vienese Forest

To 2030 railways in Russia will be changed beyond recognition. State monopoly RZHD wishes to connect the largest cities of Russia by high-speed passenger lines and to make ways to the largest deposits of minerals in Siberia and in the Far East. Realization of this plan will cost 10 trillion rbl. Almost half of these means was asked by the chapter of monopoly Vladimir Yakunin from the president of Russia Vladimir Putin: "Give, brother, for the railway!"

It would be useful to remind that the epoch of rough construction of railways in Russia coincided with the beginning  of XX century and was accompanied by unprecedented quantity of swindles and the swindle, not returned credits and false bankruptcies. Yaroslavl station in Moscow is an evidence of such swindles. However, stories with other ones are also quite detective.

- Not so long ago there was issued a collection titled "World in 2020", - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov told. - There is also my work there under the name "In a Year of Death of My Generation" - the year 2020 is an average deadline for people who were born in Russia at the same time as I. And I, excuse me, is younger than both Putin and Yakunin. And thus Yakunin asks money from Putin till 2030, that is for 10 years more. Both of them will be already 80. So, whom should be asked for the results?

Up to 2015 RZHD is going to spend money basically on modernization of existing infrastructure. By this time, "Interfax" transferred referring to Yakunin, the high-speed line Moscow - Petersburg and, probably, Moscow - Sochi will be constructed. Next 15 years RZHD is going to construct new railroad lines of the general extent of 22 000 km.

- It's very movingly but building project of High-Speed Highways has been already approved, coordinated and partially financed already in the times of Gorbachev - high-speed highways were going to connect Leningrad, Moscow, Sochi and the branch to Simferopol through Kharkov, - Anatoly Baranov reminds. - It's interesting to learn about the destiny of those budgetary inflows. Then there was an attempt to reanimate project of High-Speed highways between Moscow and Petersburg in the times of Yeltsin - there was dug a foundation ditch on Litejny, certain quantity of woods was cut down in Tver and Novgorod Areas, having used, by the way, some budgetary money - it would be desirable to see a report about the work being done. Naturally, that I don't believe at all that at last Moscow and Saint-Petersburg will be connected by the high-speed highway. As to Cochi - it's simply ridiculous.

At the same time the company Russian Railways begins study of the project of prolongation of a wide railway track from the territory of Russia up to the center of the Europe. As chapter of RZHD Vladimir Yakunin informed "a number of the western partners addressed with the initiative of prolongation of a wide railway track of "the Russian standard" through Slovakia up to Vein".

- I would like to remind to one great person who is "our everything" today, - Anatoly Baranov comments, - that there is in the territory of Russia such island as Sakhalin, which is very big by its size, where a track is also narrow, as in the Europe. And the trains following from continent should be "re-shoed" for other size of the carriage as well as on border with Poland. It's strange that Putin and Yakunin are interested in Austria but not in Sakhalin where alteration of a track was even started but then stopped. As to the road to Austria through Slovakia, we don't have borders with Slovakia, which means that it's necessary to go through the Ukraine where there appear one more customs. What's the reason, if the trains go to Vienna though Poland, then Czechia and only then have an output in Bratislava and Vein? It is possible to go other way, certainly, but there there are Carpathians and Tatra mountains, meanwhile it's more direct to go through Poland, if not to look into the map... Though, certainly, the project is large-scaled, it's not a pity to spend time and money on it. It is possible also to suggest to construct a tower "Gazprom-oil" in Vienna. What? Don't you think it's grandiosely! Petersburg will be madly grateful. While there is already the Russian track in the Europe, it goes up to Helsinki. It's also possible to build a bridge from Helsinki over the Baltic Sea so that women can trade on it and it will be possible to see Vienna with "Gazprom" tower from it...

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