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Budget Sends Regards to National Projects

Budget Sends Regards to National Projects
Delyagin Michael 17.04.2007

The first time in the recent years the quarter plan on the gathering of incomes into federal budget is not only surpassed but is broken up! Incomes of the federal budget in the 1st quarter of the year 2007 made up 1,4 trillion rubles that's 9,6% (or 150,0 billions rubles) less budget planning.

The cause is - the reduction of prices on oil in comparison with forecast level.

It is testified that execution of budgetary planning was broken not only by tax service (the shortage made up 14.5 % or 105,0 billion rubles) which, among other, could be influenced in de-organising way appointment of its head as Minister of Defence but also customs service (a shortage - 9,2 % or 68,7 billion rubles).

Incomes shortage took place in March when the seasonal gain of incomes was found out to be much less than the planned one.

Financing of charges made up 1,2 billion roubles - 6.7 % that is less than underfulfilment of planning on incomes. However cash execution owing to significant short-reception of incomes was unprecedentedly reduced - more than on a quarter, on 26,3 % (356,5 billion roubles!) and made up only 949,2 billion roubels..

As a result cash proficiency of the 1st quarter made up 471,9 billion roubles or 7,0 % of gross national product (cash proficiency of January - 10.7 % of gross national product, February - 5.9 %, March - 4,9 % of gross national product).

Not used rests of means on accounts of the federal budget grew on 491,5 billion roubles - up to 3.638,9 billion roubles.. Thus not used rests on accounts of spending units grew on 269,8 billion roubles.. Stabfund grew during a quarter from 2,3 up to 2,8 billion roubels (from 89,1 up to 108,1 billion dollars) completely invested in foreign securities. Losses in the form of a course difference for a quarter made up 17,6 billion roubels..

In the 1st quarter of 2007 the policy of support of state financial institutions which are agents on maintenance of the state debt has proceeded owing to the means from the federal budget.

49,3 billion roubles were allocated on percentage charges and all those means were transferred to spending units - to the state structures operating the debt - already in January. However it was spent in January less than 20 % of the allocated sum - only 9,6 billion roubles.. 9,3 billion roubels more were spent in February and the basic part - 23,7 billion roubles - was directed on percentage payments only in March. 6,6 billion roubles more "were freezed" on the accounts of spending units.

Extreme non-uniformity of allocation of means for different directions of expenses is being still observed. At the medium level of financing high-priority in 93.3% of cases seem to be interbudgetary transfers (98.2%) and state needs (98.1%).

Security agencies - 96.0 %, ecology - 94.4 %, housing and communal services - 90.4 %, social policy - 90.3 %, culture - 89,1 % becomes "medium-level" establishments on the level of financing.

In the worst manner were financed the following branches: national security which for the first time appeared among outsiders (it is probable because of the organizational confusion connected with change of minister) - 87.7 %, eternal "castaway of the Ministry of Finance" national economy - 87.1 %, education - 86.1 % and public health services - 83,3 %.

However, the ruling bureaucracy which is having good time playing "safari" with own citizens in the centers of both capitals really hardly needs both defensibility and economy, education and public health services. Last two for certain send their regards to "national projects".
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