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Communists Didn't Stand Up in Honour of Eltsin in the Kremlin Also

Communists Didn't Stand Up in Honour of Eltsin in the Kremlin Also
Baranov Anatoly 27.04.2007

After announcement of a minute of silence in honour of Boris Yeltsin by Vladimir Putin before the beginning of reading of the message to Federal assembly far not all the present in a hall stood up. For some reason mass-media again told lies - actually representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation refused to pay tribute to the late dictator in the Kremlin also. At last opposition began to understand clearly - having agreed in small, it has to agree in all the rest also. For example, in proceeding at Putin's liberal dictatorship final suppression of liberal freedom.

Putin directly addressed Federal Assembly with the request to accelerate acceptance of amendments in the legislation which toughen the responsibility for extremist actions. And as there was no case that the parliamentary majority refused to satisfy Putin's requirements, one could expect that after dispersal of the next march or beating in Himky there would be a procedure of rewarding of law enforcement bodies instead of justifications.

"I'll say directly, not everybody like stable forward development of our country. There are also the ones who dexterously use pseudo-democratic phraseology, who would like to return in the recent past, some of them so that unpunishedly plunder national riches, to plunder people and the state as they used to do earlier, others - to deprive our country of economic and political independence", - the president of the Russian Federation said not even paying attention to some inconsistency in own speech. In fact "recent past" is - Eltsin's epoch, the epoch of the one who was saw off with ceremonies and who was honoured legacy.   

Here you are, by the way, one more reason for amendment of act about extremism - refusal to stand up when the president asks should be treated as an act of extremism and fomentation.

 On photo could be clearly seen - two rows sit

"The stream of money from abroad, used for direct intervention in our internal affairs is also growing", - Putin added. It could be easily imagined that there's a shadow of late general Tsvigun with his "ideological diversions" of the West behind Putin's shoulders. Nothing was left up to familiar from the books turns of speech "mean mercenary of the West", "the clique of the English-Japanese spies", etc.

You chose a true road to go, Vladimir Vladimirovich ТМ!

"Today's arms are democratic slogans, but the purpose is one - reception of unilateral advantages and own benefit, maintenance of own interests", - the president of the Russian Federation said. It became not clear - whether now all democratic slogans will be regarded as extremist, whether there will be given special personal sanction to use correct slogans - so that people won't mix: if "Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood!" is said by Comrades Mironov and Isaev, it is good but if the same will be said by Comrades Limonov or Udaltsov, than it's extremism.  

"Someone does not despise the dirtiest technologies, tries to enkindle in our multinational democratic country interethnic and interconfessional discords", - the president noted. It is a pity, he didn't mention one more discord - social. Someone enkindles, you know... May be it's Abramovich, changing yachts as gloves? Or Vekselberg with his jeweller eggs? Or Kerimov who broke in Nice "porsche" which cost half million to honour poor and the Russians?
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