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The Governor and Mayor Were Lagged Simultaneously

The Governor and Mayor Were Lagged Simultaneously

On May, 2nd the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Amur area brought a charge against the governor Leonid Korotkov in abusing official powers, excess of official powers and negligence (item 2, article 285, item 2, article 286 and item 1, article 293 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The State Office of Public Prosecutor estimates damage to the budget of the Amur area which appeared as a result of Korotkov's illegal activity in 123 million roubles.

According to the inquest, as a result of Korotkov's illegal activity during the years 2003-2006 average selling tariff for electric and thermal energy for the consumers was illegally increased on the territory of the area. The increase of the tariff occurred because expenditures connected with football club "Amur" in the sum 41 million roubles were included in it. Besides the governor bought road techniques and two automobile cars from "Torgfinance", Ltd for the sum of 40 million roubles, thus at the prices which exceeded their average market price.

Money resources were appropriated for financing of the various enterprises for the sum more than 22 million roubles under orders of the governor of area from reserve fund of administration of the Amur area. Korotkov also appropriated from the budget of the Amur area the sum of 16 million roubles to "Priisk Dumbuki", Ltd on account of repayment of credit debts. However 53,3 % of shares of the given company didn't happen to be the property of the Amur area, therefore the budget of the area was caused harm in the sum mentioned.

Mayor of Tolyatti Nikolay Utkin was arrested on suspicion in extortion. The size of a bribe which was demanded from the businessman is - 150 million roubles. However, this sum, according to the inquest, was applied not only the town governor.

The first people in the city - mayor Nikolay Utkin and the chief of Land Resources Department Natalia Nemyh were suspected in reception and extortion of the large sum. The briefing of regional public prosecutor Jury Denisov more reminded endurance from a verdict: "Criminal conspiracy directed on reception of money reward in the sum of 150 million roubles from one of businessmen of the city for assignation him with land site for construction appeared between Utkin and Nemyh".

Otherwise officials threatened businessman to take away the land. According to the Office of Public Prosecutor, last night the first tranche of a bribe in 25 million roubles was received by intermediary Sidorov. He was taken red-handed, mayor Utkin and madam Nemyh were arrested. By the way, it's not the first scandal connected with their names. Nikolay Utkin and Natalia Nemyh were already accused of the wrongful command of the land of one of the agricultural enterprise given under building construction of elite cottages. Then the mayor was also the deputy of the county duma, thus to make him liable it was necessary to have individual judgment. Court in Samara adjudged, but the Supreme court cancelled it.

- It's difficult to say before adjudgment if both these sensational cases are the real facts of corruption or it's the solving of personnel problems using public prosecutor's methods, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov thinks. - Especially there are a lot of questions in the case of the governor Korotkov who is incriminated actions which are difficult to be estimated unequivocally. Quite probably, it is a question of not mercenary intention but about excess of powers, ignorance of laws or simple oversight. Meanwhile in case of mayor Utkin there is a question of a concrete bribe. If they prove - he should be imprisoned in principle.  

"But it's not, of course, the question of destiny of concrete officials, - Anatoly Baranov continued, - the matter is that these are not the first cases and are far not the last. Mayor of Volgograd, mayor of Vladivostok, many other significant officials have already densely rendered habitable prison cells. As for me and I express here opinion of the majority of citizens, I have firm confidence that practically all regional officials beginning from the governor and up to some "MarIvanna" who stamps informational papers in some authority are totally corrupted. Absolutely fair governor or mayor is a rare exception nowadays. Authority is totally criminal and not in generalizing but in the most applied, criminal meaning of the word. To clarify situation is extremely simple - it is enough to estimate movable and real estate of the official before and after his introduction into a post. And further, if you see that for two-three years a person improved the financial position in 10 and more times you can simply start to find out - and obligatory you'll "dig out" some quantity of compromising evidence. The latest two cases is just a proof of a general truth - authority is criminal".
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