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In "Forbes" List Roman Abramovich Undeservingly Outrun Igor Sechin, Jury Kovalchuk, Gennady Timchenko and Vladimir Putin

In "Forbes" List Roman Abramovich Undeservingly Outrun Igor Sechin, Jury Kovalchuk, Gennady Timchenko and Vladimir Putin
Filin Vladimir 05.05.2007
"Canonical" list of the Russian billionaires which is being made by magazine "Forbes" on a regular basis not for the first year is headed by Roman Abramovich. Probably, reading about it Igor Sechin, Jury Kovalchuk, Gennady Timchenko and Vladimir Putin laugh - they know for sure that they should decorate the beginning of the "Russian" list of "Forbes" and not Abramovich with his piteous 18 billion dollars.

However there is a rather serious problem which decision hasn't been found yet. It consists in the fact that "the Kremlin people failed to place reliably their "fairly earned" treasures to guarantee them from politically motivated feeble efforts from those whom official propagation of the Kremlin calls "enemies of Russia" - from special services of the USA and their allies in the block of NATO.

Banks of the USA and other countries of the West are absolutely transparent even for the western special services. Is necessary to say the same about offshore zones from Bugs and Virgin islands up to Shardzha and Bahrain. It is even easier in these zones than, for example, in Switzerland to seize doubtful contributions legally.

There is no opportunity to guarantee bank accounts from the American justice even in such countries, as India, Indonesia, Singapore, the republic of South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, even Malaysia. If the USA will put pressure, there are no doubts, contributions will be arrested on suspicion in "washing up". However, still there are banks of Hong Kong and Shanghai but to rely on them means the same as openly and of own will abandon oneself to the leaders of Communist party of China.

Russia remains. But it is unpredictable, everything is possible to happen there. Especially, it is possible to lose tens and even hundred billions in one day. It even is easier than to lose Jukos to Khodorkovsky.

For some time past they feverishly try to decide in the Kremlin how to hide their riches from envious eyes. But it's impossible to do in the modern world. It is still possible, probably, to place 30, maximum of 50-70 million dollars secretly from Americans. But now we are talking about a number of billions!

The Kremlin people, apparently, have realized that it's not possible to hide them. They understand also that they are not liked in the West. They are just being tolerated for the time being. They also see in the Kremlin that Vladimir Vladimirovich's "friends" one by one run off - Shreder, Berlusconi, Chirac. It's Bush's turn.

Yes, they were lucky for quite a long time. First of all abnormally high world prices for power resources that allowed to corrupt people by regular sops from a lordly table. And also that Bush's administration which came to power almost simultaneously with Putin got involved in oil wars in the Near East, stuck in them, so it was just short of time to spend it on Russia.  

They fusses in the Kremlin on trifles: the present employee of "Gazprom" Shreder, scandalous up to grotesque Berlusconi and Bush's family deeply interested in business of the company "Conaco-Philips" - the partner of "Lukoil" were made corrupted.

But everything comes to an end sooner or later. It's just a matter of time when America will leave Iraq and Afghanistan. As to leaving of Bush of the American authority, here the term has been already deternmined - not later than January 2009. But, without waiting for this event, the West is being preparing to a new cold war against toy "empire of evil" which role is being played by Putin's Russia.

The script of this cold war assumes powerful attacks on the Russian so-called elite and its material interests abroad. Say, whether it's really "empire of evil" if the leaders of the "empire" placed one leg in the West. So it is not satisfactory, "evil" should be convincing, "elite" should be rigidly cleared out.

"Elite" feeling something terrible ahead hysterically conjures and begs the West not to begin new cold war. But it hears death silence and demonstrative contempt in answer. Nothing depends at large from the desire of the Kremlin any more, the verdict of history is already born. Not finding the response, Russian "elite" rushes to the other extreme measure. Here you are Putin's Munich speech and freezing of contract DOVSE and deportation of ethnic Georgian, and overlapping of deliveries of gas and oil to the Ukraine, Belarus and now - Estonia.  

The answer of the USA and NATO is even more rigid. Having faced it the Kremlin "gives way" obligatory. Time after time.

Here you are the latest crisis with Estonia. Having given in on provocation of the Estonian authorities, moreover, having gone on counter provocation by way of organization of protests of Russian population in Tallinn the Kremlin has finished with pogroms and marauding which have been shown by all world mass-media and has even more worsened relations with the European Union. However, brothers Yakimenko managed to master capitally resource, having arranged cheap kitsch of nashies near the Estonian embassy in Moscow. Whether it's the only aim of the Kremlin "five-minutes of hatred".

I can assume that business in the Kremlin will go on worse and worse, zugzwang becomes more and more obvious, the Kremlin people, in the breaks between traditional sessions of plundering that has not been stolen yet will become day by day more and more nervous and will start to commit new roughest and silliest errors. The result is quite predicted: they will be imprisoned, may be in Russia or may be in the West and the stolen money - will be taken away...

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