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Victory Day with Arrests and Swastika

Victory Day with Arrests and Swastika
Baranov Anatoly 11.05.2007

Once upon a time, in other life the singer who was called "ambassador of the Soviet song" sang a song in which Victory Day was called "a holiday with tears in ones eyes". At that time it was tears of old losses, tears of cherished memory.

Victory Day in today's Russia is also a holiday "with tears in one's eyes" but these are tears of bitterness, insult and humiliation.

The march of communists and patriots in honour of the Day traditionally began from the square in front of Belarus station. This time authorities did not humiliate us openly, forbidding traditional procession as it used to be in 2005. Moreover, today people walked along Tverskaya Street freely - usually continuous circuits of Special Police Forces militias and soldiers stand along the route, German shepherds and the Rottweilers trained under the German methodical grants received by us as military spoil strain at the leashes.  

Someone rather clever decided that the march of veterans walking along the grey circuits with sheep-dogs would look too Estonian-like.

However they managed to harm.

It was declared in press on the eve that it would be difficult for many old people to pass all the route and they can join others closer to a place of meeting. But nothing of the kind - approaches to a route of demonstration appeared to be blocked, both on Malaya Dmitrovka and Theatralnaya and further. There were hundreds people Near each of obstacles whom militia showed the way round about - to the next similar block.

Eventually, there was found the only place where it was really possible to pass - through 3 frameworks of metal detectors on Bilshaya Lubyanka. But there was the huge tail of people and militiamen purposely slowly, carefully, much more carefully than at pass to the State Duma checked everyone, in addition interrogating, whether they knew where they go to, what the name of the action was and whether it's necessary for the person to go there. It is natural that having taken place at the end of the tail a person could get on the area only to the middle of the meeting.

Meanwhile more and more people came. How many? Fifteen thousand all the same could appear on the square. It is a lot of.

To go on meetings of the protest appears to be modern again. Therefore except for veterans there are a lot of young people on the square - for them, as well as in Tallinn, oppositional march is important as the protest against historical humiliation and destruction of people-winner - for the sake of what they ruin us? This question demands answer and people wish to receive it from leaders of the left opposition.

Gennady Zyuganov declared from a tribune: "I am sure that a sickle, hammer and a star which live in a heart of our soldier will unite us for new victories". He noted also a role of communist party in rout of fascism. He told that the victory in war was predetermined by the victories accomplished by the Soviet people over time and space - during 10 years of Stalin industrialization the USSR could pass a way which other countries passed during the centuries, the country could create the modern industry which produced the best textiles, the best plains, unequalled "Katusha" and production base put during those years appeared to be so strong that it managed to provide front even at colossal territory losses of the first period of war.

Gennady Zyuganov also noted that imperial Russia before October revolution lost a lot of wars beginning from the Crimean war up to Russian-Japanese and World War I. There are no bases to believe that if authority in the country remained the same as at former mode, Russia could resist to hitlerite intrusion.

However, perhaps, the most drama events were developed after the termination of the main action of Victory Day, after the meeting on Lubyanka peacefully ended.

The left youth went to the metro station "Sokol" where picket against the monument to the general Pannvits and white generals - Krasnov, Shkuro, etc - in Moscow, the picket was agreed with the local administration and should have taken place at 3p.m.  

The first unexpectedness waited for the Komsomols on a place. In a church fencing where a monument was situated (on the place of honour - as if it was burial place of heroes who died "for belief and fatherland") as it appeared, action of nationalists took place. Imperial flags flutter, an orthodox requiem is taking place but at the same time hands are thrown up in traditional ancient Roman greeting, in due time accompanied by exclamation "Heil!" in someone's personal address.

Кomsomols made a row opposite to a church gate with posters and very soon nationalists mainly from proKremlin "Euroasian Union of Youth" tried to engage controversy and then to stop picket by force. Well, as they say, force on force - alas, no fight happened. "Valorous" militia appeared in time having arrested organizers of picket Masha Marusenko, Sergey Dovgal and Sergey Udaltsov. They also arrested me but very quickly showed me the door from the station.

It is necessary to give credit to militia - it was not like in Khimki, militiamen behaved politely, even, as a whole, benevolently. They simply broke the permitted picket. And in approximately one and a half hour they let go everybody - without writing reports.

For some reason they didn't wish to imprison nationalists though as I long as I understood they had no sanction at all. It is curious that one of claims of militia to Komsomols' meeting was that they didn't let other people go, that was a lie - citizens passed freely and were interested in the reason of the picket. The Muscovites don't know that close by they have a monument of SS.   

Everything was found out a bit later - it appears, picket was an obstacle to the procession of nationalists arranged as "religious procession" around of a church fencing. Well, that was the reason for imprisonment - they didn't have any sanctions. Three of them were imprisoned. Likely, they will be later let out without consequences.

At the same time in Khimki situated near Moscow on a place of the liquidated burial place of heroes of war, another meeting took place which was hardly but nevertheless allowed by local administration. Sergey Nikitin - the deputy of Moscow City Council from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the first secretary of the Western District Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - Pavel Basanets took part. The organizer of the action became the co-chairman of movement "Russia - Common Sense" Nikolay Moskovchenko. Here within a day representatives of the most different political forces - not only communists from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation but also representatives of "Yabloko" and United Civil Front and legal experts. It wouldn't be a meeting if there was no arbitrariness - it appears that activist from Revolutionary Komsomol Union of Youth Artem Buslaev is wanted in Khimki where not all the laws of the Russian Federation operated. As it was found out, the communist, assistant to the deputy of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - Pavel Tarasov - is also wanted, it's lucky that he wasn't present there.

After interference of the deputy Nikitin Buslaev was let go free also without the report. Out "law-enforcement" bodies which citizens should protect themselves from, moderately forces and opportunities are very strange.

That was the end of "a holiday with tear in one's eyes'" in Moscow - a day of humiliation and insult of memory.

Those who today profane monuments to heroes of war, offend own people, cast a bone and new mistrust between the states and people. The president of Russia Vladimir Putin declared it opening on May, 9th parade of the Victory on the Red Square in Moscow. Veterans-winners were allowed to be present under special invitations which were sent after analysis. Likely, speaking about defilement of monuments, the president meant Tallinn. Or, maybe, Poland.

The president looks afar, sees far away. Khimki and Sokol, probably, don't come into the view of the president...
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