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Was an Expose of the Acts of Terrorism by Special Forces on May, 9th a Staging in the Frameworks of "Strategy of Tension"?

Was an Expose of the Acts of Terrorism by Special Forces on May, 9th a Staging in the Frameworks of "Strategy of Tension"?

The member of Editorial board of FORUM.msk, the chapter of Turkish representation of the Center of research of conflicts of Institute of problems of globalization, political scientist Ruslan Saidov assumed that the prevention of acts of terrorism declared by FSB in Moscow on the 9th of May was a "performance" and "staging", necessary to the Kremlin so that to play a notorious Chechen card as in 1999 year on the eve of change of authority in 2008 again.

Explaining by phone from Istanbul his assumption, Saidov said:

"FSB for a long time has its agency in all big Chechen and other national groups in Moscow. I think nobody sane would argue with it. Having collected the detailed information about one of such groups, they arrested Lors Khamiev whom, I guess using their own ways, they made to stipulate familiar Chechens.

Then, with the help of the same agent and, maybe, appointed candidates for terrorists, equipped with the weapon and explosives the cars which to the holiday of the May, 9th were successfully neutralized making it look like TV show.

Thus, FSB has distinguished, has ostensibly prevented a crime, - knowingly, say, eats the bread, it is possible to finish one more stick in the reporting. And a society accustom to acts of terrorism which, probably, can soon follow and which, apparently, are going to write off again on Chechens. That plans of terrorists in Khasavyurt have simultaneously broken, does not surprise me. At us someone there is constant or something ostensibly neutralize. To it all have already got used. And here in Moscow similar "подлянка" it is observed

But it only the beginning. Continuation, I believe, will follow closer to the day when Putin will appoint the successor. Three directions of provocation are most probable:

1. A series of acts of terrorism against citizens in places of their mass congestion, most likely, in Moscow or city centers. It will be good, if it won't be again explosions of houses as they used to do during the previous operation "Successor".

2. Act of terrorism of individual character against prominent representative of authority on Northern Caucasus, for example, in the Chechen Republic or in Rostov-on-Don.

3. Murder of the next socially significant figure, for example, the journalist, the fault for which the Kremlin will assign to Chechens. As it was about to happen after Paul Hlebnikovas death with Anna Politkovskaya.

In this connection during the nearest 10 months I would advise public people to think three times before to declare something about the Chechen Republic publicly, something after which their life will not be worth a stiver while their death, on the contrary, will give authority the next propaganda opportunity to demonize Chechens. In Italy in the 1970th years such thing was called "strategy of tension". Here we are in the same situation.

In the meantime, according to the messages of mass-media, investigatory management of FSB raises criminal case under clauses 30 and 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (preparation to the act of terrorism) and also clause 222, part 3 (illegal turnover of fire-arms, ammunition and explosives).

They arrested 26-years native of Dagestan Magomed Oziev and 29-years native of the Chechen Republic Adani Damhazhiev. Besides the native of the Chechen Republic Lors Khamiev who ostensibly was the owner of the one of the mine-infested cars. Besides about 10 natives of the Chechen Republic at the age from 20 to 30 years failed under suspicion under the case of preparation of the act of terrorism.  

The Chechen lived in Southwest district of Moscow and traditionally gathered in a yard of the house 26/44 on Profsojusnaya street where they are registered or their fellow countrymen rent apartments. Here they had meetings, acquaintances, exchange of news. On the eve of May, 9th such "trade-union" party almost in full complement was delivered into investigatory office of management of FSB of Moscow and regions.

Under the version thrown into mass-media from Lubyanka, FSB has ostensibly received the operative information from Northern Caucasus which was received by operatives from Dagestan and the Chechen Republic. One of the Dagestan terrorists, a member of inexistent jama'at "Shariat" made a bargain with investigation and gave the names of his "sidekicks". One of them was, ostensibly, arrested with bomb in his hand on the stop of public transport in Moscow on Marshal Zhukov Avenue on the 22nd of February, 2007. 

Lors Khamiev was named by "informant" about a week ago. The Chechen, certainly, Wahhabi was taken under the guard. It is curious that Khamiev is already for a long time the candidate for saboteurs on duty. They have already tried to incriminate him act of terrorism in the restaurant McDonalds in October, 2002 but then even such justice had to re-qualify him in the witness.

Now, probably, security officers decided to recoup on Khamiev. Mine-infested "7th model" on Profsojusnaya Street, likely, belonged to him. Another question: whether he mined it himself or the ones who expose him.

After they arrested 24-years student from the fifth course of the capital Academy of Economy and Right Umar Batukaev. As his father Abdulrashid Batukaev told, on May, 8th, about eight p.m. Umar, having heard from telenews about an incident, went to the next street, expecting to receive details from fellow countrymen.

Ruslan Musaev - one of the participants of "trade-union" party also remained under arrest after interrogations in the management of FSB. All others including the inspector of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic Ruslan Esmurziev were let go free after interrogation.

Besides Moscow, on May, 8th bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan told about prevention of the whole series of acts of terrorism in republic on May, 9th. The basis for such loud application became ostensibly detection in Khasavyurt of traditional hiding place of the weapon, ammunition and explosives ready to application. Besides near the house where, say, there was a hiding place, militiamen supposedly found out a car "VAZ-2106" in which luggage carrier they found an explosive.
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