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"Coastal Guerillas" Escape from Pursuit

"Coastal Guerillas" Escape from Pursuit

Information that field investigators succeeded in blocking a part of armed formation suspected of attack on militiamen in Primorski Krai did not prove to be true, high-ranking representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia informed news agency RIA Novosti. Information that three suspects are blocked was given earlier by source in regional law enforcement bodies.


"At present there is no information that part of that very gang which attacked military police officers is blocked in Primorski Krai", - representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.


He noticed that operative actions for revealing and detention of insurgents proceed in the region.


The most popular radio station interviewed listeners. 30% of respondents consider Far East "guerrillas" - gangsters, 70 - "Robin Hoods".


From editorial board: Things which were done by coastal insurgents for the present time give no way to speak about "civil war" or at least about revolt. Though "presentiment of civil war" in society is abundantly clear. The power which has thrown on suppression of the revolt of five persons obviously disproportionate forces including helicopters and heavy technique is afraid of it. Actually, society is also afraid of it, it actively discusses events in Primorski Krai preferring to stay on safe distance from the place of events.


Reference of participants of the revolt appeared on the internet - probability that it really belongs to them is approximately the same as the authorship of similar document in Kuzbas but it is absolutely not important who the original author is - the meaning of public expectations is transferred correctly. Eventually, Yemelyan Pugachev also was not sovereign Peter III but he corresponded to public expectations.


Here, of course, we don't have pugachevschina. Though it's not a "gang" as high officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs assure us.


There are more than necessary reasons for punishments of militia - it is possible simply to look through news line, at least ours:


Militiaman from Saint-Petersburg Violated a Schoolgirl Went to prison for 8 Years

Militia Is Obviously Getting Prepared to Give Battle of Encounter to Discontented

Accidental Passer-by Detained and Bitten during Action in Defense of the Constitution Was Imprisoned for 2.5 Years

Law Enforcement Officer under Nizhnevartovsk Batoned Detainee to Death

Мilitiaman Who Shot Snow Blower Assures That It's an Accident 

We did not select purposely - it is possible to choose any other day. Militia itself is the main instigator of hatred, it's even surprising that nothing similar had happened before. It's incapable to reform itself as baron Munchausen is not in condition to pull himself from a bog for hair, moreover together with a "horse" in the name of other, the same way corrupted power structures.

It is clear that there will be no extension to the revolt. It is clear that it is necessary to add - there will not be yet. Today it is necessary for authorities to show that any similar performance inevitably should come to an end with destruction of discontented - whenever possible terrible one, so that "to teach not to do so". However, there's, seemingly, problem with it - nobody was caught, blocked and, apparently, attacks on coastal cops can be the work not of one group.

Though there will be certain consequences for society.

It is clear that there will be next attempt "to wrap nuts" - it's a question whether it will be successful. Detention of the participant of "march of discontented" 56-year-old Mahnatkin practically without special judicial-remedial formalities, probably, one of the signals submitted to society by power. Obviously, they will imprison someone.

Nationalists, probably, were the main target but everybody will suffer in this or that degree, especially in province where traditionally there's 10 times more lawlessness of "bodies".

"Coastal intifada" is being actively discussed now on the Internet - apparently, specially sent "spies" not only probe public opinion but also help corresponding supervising bodies to collect enough materials to imprison private persons and organisations. Now they accumulate materials. After a while (not at once) someone will be tried to get imprisoned while someone will be just recruited. We urgently recommend you to pay attention to it before express oneself.

The power is objectively frightened and frightened power is dangerous. Citizens shouldn't fear the power but to be afraid of - they should. The power is out of head, it is necessary to realize that we deal with inadequate opponent.

For sure, the only true and effective decision of problems with power are mass solidary actions of citizens. Feats of singles look beautifully on TV and force to respect people but seldom lead to significant public results. Militia is big enough social group which is necessary to work with, instead of trying to destroy as private initiative. Eventually, militia is also a social cut of the society, though not in the most attractive place. Though conditions in society influence the type of the policeman. Our policeman quite often is simply cattle - alas, this is our mirror.

But to kill militiamen - is not a way out. Though, likely, coastal events will make each employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to look more attentively at themselves and their every day work - whether desire to take an axe is a natural reaction to it?

So, expressing open support to coastal guerrillas on the forum - think, whether you are not writing with your own hand future sentence. If you wish to do something - do instead of chatting. But before doing something  - think.

To take up arms is the last argument and not the best. Think, whether you tried all methods of lawful protection of your rights? Perhaps, it's better to imprison a geek in epaulets? Legal assistance practice shows that words "everything is useless" have no basis - cops are being imprisoned for crimes and quite often.

Though cop is a hand of the true criminal or it's even a stick in his hand. Villain in epaulets of sergeant is, of course, closer and more obvious, than the villain in "Bentley" behind wide backs of the guards but he is only the tool in hands of the criminal power. You will not change power in taiga with switch-hitter. Though they were, of course, frightened. But the fright will pass and revenging for their fear they will continue their lawlessness even more strongly. It is necessary to be ready to it.

Only solidary actions of very big groups of citizens can displace the power and establish normal state order. It's necessary to be understood and it's necessary to go to it. Heroes-singles will be later praised in books but only in that case if people will come to power.

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk


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