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Gerashchenko Will Easily Hammer Any of the Kremlin Half-Idiots if He Will Be Allowed to Take Part in Free Elections

Gerashchenko Will Easily Hammer Any of the Kremlin Half-Idiots if He Will Be Allowed to Take Part in Free Elections
Victor Gerashchenko who announced intention to become the uniform candidate for president of Russia from opposition, unlike all potential competitors from the Kremlin grouping, has bright, rather convincing working career. He graduated from financial institute, worked in the State Bank of the USSR, then in the Foreign Trade and Investment bank. In the age of 27 years Gerashchenko became a director of one of the largest branches of Moscow National Bank - with office in London.

In two years he was appointed General Manager of the branch of Moscow National Bank in Beirut. In 1974 Gerashchenko receives new appointment - the director of the "daughter" of the MNB - Ost-West-Handelsbank in Frankfurt-on-Mein.

In 1977 he was transferred to Singapore to supervise the branch of Moscow National Bank. After returning therefrom to the USSR Victor Gerashchenko at once entered into "the top echelon" of managers MNB. By 1989 he was the first vice-president of a board of the Foreign Trade and Investment Bank but left it, held a post of the chapter of State Bank of the USSR.  

On that post Gerashchenko had been working for two and a half years. During this time he participated in realization of Pavlovsk currency reform, though, as political scientist A.Makarkin (who gave his own version of a political portrait of the candidate in president) writes in "Hedgehog", he treated it with scepticism. In the mentioned period there was a mass birth of commercial banks which began to be engaged in activity essentially new to the country - from crediting of private companies up to currency exchange. gerashchenko did not interfere with the establishment of new bank - on the contrary, a lot of entrepreneurs entered by that time bank sphere recollected him as an administrator who sympathetically treated one of the most headily developing segments of the Russian market economy. Soviet financier began to transfer into Heracles - as he would be later named by the economic journalists.

At the end of the year 1991 Gerashchenko for the first time retires - the Soviet Union to which he served three decades ceased its existence. But already half a year later he comes back - this time, to a post of chairman of the Russian Central Bank on which he replaced not too qualified liberal Matjuhin.

No wonder, that Gerashchenko spoiled at once his relations with a command of "reformers" of Gaydar-Chubays which, having hung on him a label of a relict of the Soviet system, saw in him dangerous competitor. The same way it is today with putin-followers.

As a result there happened that should happen: "Black Tuesday" of the autumn of 1994 became the occasion Yeltsin used to send Gerashchenko resignation. But after a default of 1998 Gerashchenko returned to the Central Bank the third time. It happened at Evgenie Primakov and Jury Masljukov's active participation who headed the most competent and professional government in the history of the postSoviet Russia, which unfortunately existed only 9 months.

Victor Gerashchenko managed to be kept in the Central Bank even after resignation of a cabinet of Primakov-Masljukov but after Putin's coming to power his influence had gradually started to decrease. Finally in March, 2002 half a year prior expiration of his powers Gerashchenko was compelled to write an application for leaving. Putin appoint flimsy Chubays-follower Sergey Ignatyev on his place. In December, 2003 Victor Gerashchenko was elected into the State Duma under the list of block "Rodina" of Glazyev-Rogozin. Then a strange plot with his recommendation and dismissal from the presidential elections followed.

At last Grashchenko left the Duma having headed the board of directors of JUKOS which was exposed to devastating attack from Putin, Sechin and Ustinoc. Then shareholders of JUKOS decided that Gerashchenko who had numerous communications in establishment would become successful negotiator with the Kremlin. But they didn't wish to talk with Gerashchenko that gave him a reason to start talking about "idiocy of authority". And here now Gerashchenko is ready to go into president, challenge the Kremlin organized grouping. The political scientist Vladimir Filin thinks that such a decision "gives the state under the name the Russian Federation some chance".

"Victor Gerashchenko could and should become a uniform candidate for president of Russia from opposition - Filin believes. - He has the best chances to win every candidate of the Kremlin on free and fair elections. If, certainly, he will be allowed to participate in the elections".

Probability that Victor Gerashchenko will not again be admitted to participation in presidential campaign as it was already in 2004, Vladimir Filin estimates in 90 %.

"The Kremlin is afraid of him, - the political scientist explained. - Look at Putin's poor successors - Ivanov, Medvedev, different Petersburg half-idiots who occupied corridors of the federal authority. All of them don't come close to Gerashchenko. And even Putin. But he leaves, let say nothing or only good about political dead men.

Almost for sure the Kremlin again as in 1999 will play performance with an appointment of the successor in the name of some faceless corrupt official from St.-Petersburg. But it will not result in good and, on the contrary, will make disintegration possible in the shortest term as well as termination of existence of the Russian Federation as it used to be with the USSR 15 years ago".

"Probably, Victor Gerashchenko's nominee is hardly not the last historical chance to create in Russia normal European state. If there is even slightest hope for a victory, it necessarily to try it," - Vladimir Filin is convinced.
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