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"St. Bartholomew’s Night" in Rodionov’s Publishing House

"St. Bartholomew’s Night" in Rodionov’s Publishing House

"St. Bartholomew's night" was carried out in Rodionov's Publishing house which was also known for its professionalism and sensible estimation of the Russian realities. Editors-in-chief of magazines "Profile" and "Business-Week" George Bovt and Lada Klokova lost their posts without explanation of reasons though they are known as excellent professionals. The "freelance nightingale" of Old Square Michael Leontev and, probably, for mitigation of the pill, known liberal commentator Olga Romanova were appointed instead.

The president of Rodionov's Publishing house, the former assistant to the chapter of governmental body of the Russian Federation Alexey Volin, obviously, not having born shame, change the post to a post of "the wedding general" - chairman of board of directors of the Publishing house and under available data would concentrate on development of own business.

Making comments on the unexpected assignment, Michael Leontev fairly called such a decision "strange" and recognized that the conditions which were proposed were the ones he couldn't refuse. Who is that "Don Corleone" who proposes such conditions to Leontev remained offscreen.

As 10 days ago, on the cry, in the Publishing house the idea about making all employees freelances with a view of economy on taxes was seriously discussed, probably, future jobless journalists should not now envy new editor-in-chief...

Employees of the Publishing house believe that as a result of high busyness of Michael Leontev, direct management of the magazine "Profile" will be carried out by his assistants - it's difficult even to suppose to what degree those people would be horrible.

Making comments on "St. Bartholomew's night" in Rodionov's Publishing house, director of Institute of problems of globalization Michael Delyagin resolutely denied version about sudden madness of the managements of the house as baseless.

- We are approaching elections, space of mass-media is being cleared off, - Michael Delyagin said, - and people start to make things which seem to be mad. Some buy up eggs, others makes buggers muddle out of own publishing house. But it is better to look madman, than to look good on own funeral. We shall hope that instead of a good magazine "Profile" reading public will not receive bad magazine "Front". We shall hope that we won't have to read in the leading article of former good magazine why Khodorkovsky is "elastic of the underpants". I we shall console ourselves that no matter what type of state policy would be in connection to mass-media, dismissal of the journalists is more human than their murder or imprisonment.
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