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Putin Replaced the Governor-Communist to the One from Petersburg

Putin Replaced the Governor-Communist to the One from Petersburg

One of three last remained governors-communists lost his post. Vladimir Putin accepted resignation of the governor of Kamchatka, a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Michael Mashkovtsev and appointed vice-governor Alexey Kuzmitsky care-taker of the governor. Mashkovtsev asked out in connection with the federal constitutional law of July, 12th 2006 N2-FCL "About Formation in the Structure of the Russian Federation a New Subject of the Russian Federation as a Result of Unification of the Kamchatka Area and Koryak Autonomous Region".

Until recently Kuzmitsky held a post of the vice-governor of the Kamchatka area. 40-years old Kuzmitsky supervised questions of mutual relations with municipalities. The real applicant for a place of the governor Kuzmitsky became on May, 16th after his meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Kuzmitsky appeared in the area in May, 2005. Making comments about his appointment Mashkovtsev noted that he made it because of personal recommendation of Vladimir Putin. Eugene Laukhin from Management of FSB was appointed one more vice-governor of Kamchatka. Rumours about Mashkovtsev's resignation appeared long time ago, but he staid on his post just because of the fact that regional team was diluted by "the ones from St.-Petersburg".

Alexey Kuzmitsky possesses quite colorless biography. In 1992 he ahd graduated from Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute, in 1999 - St.-Petersburg Engineering-Economic Academy and in 2003 - Northwest Academy of Civil Service. He used to work as Councilor of the Manager General of "Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time", Ltd, Assistant to the Manager General of the company "Regional Rescue Service" of Petersburg, the Chief of the Financial Management of the company "National Fish Resources" at State Fishery Committee.

For today there are only two governors-members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - the head of the Vladimirskaya region Vinogradov and the governor of the Volgogradskaya area - Maksyuta.

- State of things when the overwhelming majority of governors belongs to one party, to "Edinaya Russia" obviously breaks the Constitution of the Russian Federation, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov thinks. - Item 4 of the article 32 of the Constitution says that "citizens of the Russian Federation have equal access to public service". However we observe that some citizens, namely members of a party "Edinaya Russia" at appointment of governor's posts considerably "more equal" than others both members of "competing" parties and non-party citizens. Thus the article 19 of the Constitution guarantees "equality of the rights and freedom of the person and the citizen irrespective of sex, race, nationality, language, origin, property and official position, residence, attitude to religion, belief, belonging to public associations and also other circumstances". It's clear that in reality belonging to one of public associations, namely to "Edinaya Russia" essentially breaks this equality - members of "party in power" acquires additional opportunities at taper. Theoretically it could be the theme for consideration in the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, but in reality the presentation of a problem before the court in Russia is a hardly possible thing.

General Council of "Edinaya Russia" which took place on May, 22nd for the first time passed at presence of a management of administration of the president (Sobyanin and Surkov), government officials and tens governors. The leader of a party Boris Gryzlov approved "Putin's plan" which the party would realize on elections. Edinorosses emphasize that they are exactly - the present party in power.

Annual joint session of the upper and general advices of "Edinaya Russia" in an assembly hall of Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Situations RF turned out to be especially representative. The head of administration of president Sergey Sobjanin and his assistant Vladislav Surkov were in presidium on a stage. There were Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin, his assistants, plenipotentiaries Anatoly Kvashnin, Dmitry Kozak and over 30 governors present in the hall.

The leader of the party Boris Gryzlov handed over party membership cards to five governors - to the chapter of the Republic of Altai Alexander Berdnikov, the governor of Tula area Vyacheslav Dudka, the chapter of administration of Altai Territory Alexander Karlin, the president of republic Mary El Leonid Markelov and the president of republic Saha (Yakutia) Vyacheslav Shtyrov.

The Chapter of RA Alexander Berdnikov could not constrain emotions. "I serve to "Edinaya Russia"! - he exclaimed having taken the party membership card.

Some people believe that it would be more pertinent for the governor to serve to Fatherland and not to separate party.

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