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In Russian, As It Turned Out, There Is No Internet

In Russian, As It Turned Out, There Is No Internet

Yesterday we were witnesses that there was no Internet in Russia. That is, certainly, there is such a place where the one with a certain degree of probability can see weather forecast or "google-map", to buy techniques without the margin for the trading areas and even "to take" quite passable miss for joint passing the time. Meanwhile there is no independent information environment. If today there was a nuclear war, the president of the USA would declare himself lifelong Turkmenbasha or Britney Spears would give a triplet birth of piccaninnies, we wouldn't simply get to know about it.

If on leading technical platforms because of not so ultra-mundane heat the largest resources, including "Rambler" and "Yandex" are cut down, saying nothing of "other finnier" such as FORUM.msk or KPRF.ru, it means that they will be cut off when it is necessary.

When it is necessary? Wrong, it is necessary to ask - WHOM it is necessary to?

The leading hosting-provider of the country "Masterhost" has lost its reputation for ever. Actually, it almost didn't have reputation earlier, for the public weal numerous and rather various "deeds" of this service provider of a worldnet became known and described. Penultimate focus happened actually last week when the offer to increase monthly payments for service collocation almost in 2 times was sent to the oldest customers. The low prices were last competitive advantage of "Masterhost" and after the payment of the increased tariff the customers which it still had would, obviously, think why they did it.

There was then another last focus - switching-off of servers because of an overheat of air in date-center. By the way, it's not for the first time. Last time they promised to improve everything and that there would be nothing of the kind any more. It happened again. And in fact the summer is ahead...

Well, let it ride, this "Msterhost" - the problem appeared to be more serious. Really solid technical platform of "Rambler-Telecom" was found out to be not simply unreliable, it appeared to be unreliable up to ridiculous. In fact it was a question not of switching-off of power supplies, not about flooding or earthquake - only 32 degrees of heat on Celsius. And the central conditioning system didn't cope with it. It is a shame. Disreputably. Because it is a super duper leading technical platform. It means that even allocation of own server on the best platform doesn't guarantee safety as it used to happen.

If with approach of elections someone would take into his head to block everything that will prevent "necessary" person to be elected - everything will be blocked. It is such a message from a hot Moscow spring. It could happen that Moscow weather has epaulettes with lilac gleams...

What is necessary to be done?

Apparently, opposition would never receive any guarantees from the modern technical centers for no matter how much money.

In the West, as a rule, besides large platforms, there are enough small date-centers and among them there are also noncommercial created by the left organizations just for allocation of oppositional resources. Basically, it is possible to conclude the contract with similar center, say, in Finland - at last there is a real opportunity physically to be present on this extremest case. It's not possible to go every time to Seattle where such services are cheaper and more various, though, probably, presence of a countryman there could solve this problem.  

But with foreign hosting there is a problem of enough simple blocking of access, not speaking that the line turns out to be rather long that will sharply complicate using a resource - for everybody and especially for the users sitting on weak lines, on mobile access, etc. That is for an essential part of our target audience. However foreign hosting could become very rational for NS-2, for reserve copying - in case of "hackers with a sledge hammer".

However the most rational way to guarantee opposition from unfriendly and unpredictable behaviour of a management of commercial date-centers could only become creation of own technical platform. It is expensive, it cannot be done "on a knee" and demands both constant presence of technicians and techniques which, in its turn, requires maintenance. But if we speak about the Russian opposition as about something that is "seriously and for a long time", it is necessary to go on it.

Or - forward, to weep on a way to "Ostankino", where beautiful though a bit paunched Kostya Ernst would observe from the window how we speak furious things...

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