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Incomes of Deputies Prefer to Keep Silent...

Incomes of Deputies Prefer to Keep Silent...
Igor Krasnovsky 29.06.2010

Some of these days in one of the central newspapers information which, at first sight, seem to be of local importance appeared, whereas if to take a thought this info is painful as, please, excuse me, hemorrhoid for many sirs-comrades from bureaucratic-power structures...

It happened in nice town Saratov. Deputies of Saratov Regional Duma was proposed to report on their incomes. Nothing of the kind! Deputies of Saratov Regional Duma considered initiative populist. They don't see any sense in making their incomes public categorically.

Representative from fraction "Fair Russia" in Saratov Regional Duma surely fighting for justice declared that "he is irritated by old, "remained after the Soviet Union times" habit to check other people pursuit". Hу also added that going to elections all candidate obligatory public declaration about incomes so that voters could analyze them and make their choice. While later he ostensibly "sees no reason to make anything public during this five-years period". So, let alone and let him work these five years as "servant of people".

A head of fraction of the Communist Party of Russian Federation in Saratov Regional Duma Sergey Afanasiev showed miracles of eloquence at discussion of the given theme: "I don't understand at all how information about money, cars, yachts and square metres of this or that official can influence state of mind of the voters. It's the same as to make ladies - candidates specify the size of bra: some representatives of electorate like 90-60-90, while others "will vote" for ample curves". The same way about incomes mentioned, comrade Afanasiev noticed. The more so he roughly noticed not in communist manner that "poor people are not popular in power structures in provinces, there's no use from them".

According to opinion of the leader of communist fraction in Saratov Regional Duma, "what's the sense "to fight with corruption" with the help of publications of incomes, if nothing will be made after it. There's no law in Russia, according to which following the results of such action control services would carry out check of "doubtful" incomes of state officials and punish them on the fact of "found out abuse" up to "imprisonment". So, if there's no such law - what's the need to do it?"

Here you are such trivial - scandal story. Only if it's of local scale?

Really there's no law which will make deputies of regional legislative assemblies publish their incomes. Though, if to think following some principle that all branches of power are equal before Law and that officials working in executive and legislative assemblies are obliged to provide data about their incomes, why not to extend this rule on regional and even city deputies? Who and what prevent from enacting such law or simply being guided by concepts of honour and justice not to publish incomes? What do you have to be afraid of, if you don't steal from the budget, don't take bribes and kick-backs but work honestly?

Well, no, for some reason they fear. Why? It's all because being the deputy means, unfortunately, nowadays being full-fed. To feed oneself, own companies, relatives and family. That's why the words "servants of people" are perceived by voters with sour mockery. That's why for many voters deputy means the same as rotter. Less and less people go to elections. Not because people in Russia are apolitical to such an extend. Simply they are sick and tired of the fact that your voice is converted by sirs-comrades who got power into private prosperity.

If to be honest, fingers on one hand will be enough for each of us to calculate deputies in own polling district in any part of Russia who for five years of "serving to people" haven't bought some "petty factory" for a rainy day. In other words - haven't multiplied their material welfare.

If, someone suddenly, on the contrary, becomes poorer for years of staying deputy for the good of people, such person should be chronicled into Red Book immediately as especially and disband sample and recommended for the title of Hero. Only there are no such deputies. Even if you will declare all-Russia competition, I am sure you will not find the one in a month of Sundays.

However, not bad trade deals can be done being the deputy using even legal ways. If you can believe or not - you can check, there are such regions where first secretary of regional committee of the Communist Party of RF absolutely officially receive salary of 40 - 50 thousand roubles in pay office of regional administration, after that the day after he goes to organize picket or meeting against "anti-popular" policy of this very administration. Well, there are besides many reasons why deputy's incomes prefer to keep silent. The more so incomes of deputies from opposition.

Thus it turns out that majority of "servants of people" live in easy street while people do a life stretch...



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