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Evening of Lawlessness Ended Day of Anger


As coordinator of Moscow Council and movement of Left Front Sergey Udaltsov declared, organizers of public action Day of Anger which took place in Moscow on June, 28th are going to achieve initiation of criminal case in relation to the officials of the government of Moscow who by their baseless refusal to permit carrying out of peaceful protest action provoked mass disorders as well as massacre of citizens of Moscow in center of Moscow.

As the lawyer Alexander Gusak informed, in the nearest days organizers of Day of Anger plan to refer to Investigation Committee at the Public Prosecutor's Office of RF with report to initial criminal case against Moscow officials.

It also became know from Alexander Gusak that beaten during detention participants of Day of Anger already on the eve of June, 28th wrote down several petitions about initiation of criminal case in relation to employees of militia who carried out illegal detentions.

We'll remind that public action Day of Anger took place on June, 28th in Moscow on Tverskaya Square next to the monument of Jury Dolgoruky, it passed under the slogan "Moscow - without Luzhkov! Let's Return City Back to Us!" Despite of the fact that the government of Moscow baselessly prohibited organizers of the action carrying out of the meeting next to the monument, several hundreds people came to the monument of Jury Dolgoruky not being afraid of repressions. In answer authorities organized real mass massacre with participation of militia. Approximately 30 people were detained with application of rude physical force.

Detained people were taken to different departments of militia, they used to stay there till late night, where administrative reports under article 20.2 of Administrative Offences Code of RF (participation in unauthorized meeting) were made. Reports under article 19.3 of Administrative Offences Code of RF (defiance to legal demands of militiamen) were made in relation to representatives of Moscow Council and Left Front Sergey Udaltsov and Konstantin Kosyakin. After drawing up of protocols all detained people released, they were given notice of appointment for July, 1st.

- In the given case authorities of Moscow once again not only used Constitution of RF as "buttwipe", - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov commented precedent. - On May, 28th they infringed bases of constitutional system as that. Actually the very first chapter of the Constitution of RF runs that "Russia is democratic federative legal state with republican form of government". Let's not speak about fabulousness of democracy and law in RF, we'll touch upon the main thing - republican form. Republic means that there are citizens who elect some governors - presidents, mayors, knyazs, doges - it's not so important. The right to elect supposes that citizens have the right to say - we don't like this candidate, this candidate don't suit us. Is it so? So, action on June, 28th was declared as intention of the group of civil organizations to say to mayor of Moscow Luzhkov - it's enough, dear, you stay here for too long, you have to resign. Let's note, resign - not go to prison or be hung. According to awkward law on carrying out of meetings to carry out such action it's necessary to ask for permission from that very mayor whom they want to "resign". Naturally, he won't give such permission, he cordon square round the monument to Jury Dolgoruky with the help of militiamen, cars and buses. That is it becomes totally impossible to realize own republican rights physically. More than that, it was impossible even to open a mouth during the meeting to try in such way to realize civil rights which existed already in some medieval Novgorod, where they used voice to confirm the choice. It's not simply lawlessness - it's, I will repeat it, mockery at the very bases of constitutional, republican mode.

"Situation had some absurd character, - Anatoly Baranov continued. - Lev Ponomarev was alone, he stopped at the corner of Tverskaya street, near to the entrance to the Bank of Moscow where he was circled by journalists. He started commenting for press what's going on discreetly and even deliberately loyally to authorities and was detained at that very moment, right under cameras - what's the reason? What are the bases? Naturally, detention was made with inconceivable quantity of infringements of the procedure - it's seen on numerous videos. When I met him in the evening leaving Department of Internal Affairs "Presnenskoe" he explained to me that unknown to him police officer wrote in the official report that he - Ponomarev, ostensibly, showed resistance, did not submit to "lawful" demands of militia and even cursed roughly employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Similar actions of militia during winter events already received estimation of the public prosecutor of Moscow Semin who recognized not only illegality of actions of employees but also presence of falsifications in militia reports. But on May, 31st militia acted following the same template that is reflected also in the complaint addressed to the same public prosecutor of the city Semin from the lawyer A.Gusak. This time all went under the same scenario - if there's nothing to be put in, infringements should be thought up - notwithstanding the fact that tens video cameras fix each square centimetre of the square. If there's an error somewhere in papers - police officers do not hesitate to rub away reports, to use writing putty and so on".

- Situation with Sergey Udaltsov was even uglier, than with Ponomarev, - Anatoly Baranov added. - They simply snapped his nose off - he, and it is seen on video which Igor Boshchenko captured from successful perspective, was alone, he just tried to say something and immediately was struck down to the ground, beaten, dragged on asphalt, put traumas. For what? By what bases? At that we will note, Udaltsov's detention, it is well seen on a photo, was carried out by the same employee that one month ago detained me on Triumphalnaya Square. Though he doesn't' appear either in my or in Udaltsov's report - there the reports are being written down by militiamen who are not present at the moment of detention. It's serious infringement which is regulated not by administrative but criminal law. Level of legal consciousness of the Russian militia is tremendously low - they execute criminal orders without understanding that tomorrow they would be imprisoned - executors and not those who gave oral instructions. There are more than enough materials and evidences.

There on video one tremendous example - there is a young man holding a quad ruled sheet of paper where a girl is drawing black square with a felt-tip pen. He doesn't call for anything, doesn't cry out slogans - just stands and holds piece of paper where the girl draws. Both of them were grasped and dragged into paddy wagon - no explanations, no bases for detention... By what right in general? While it will be for sure written in militian report that he resisted to "legal demands" which nobody in general put forward, offended employees and so on - by rule.

"It's difficult in general to estimate what's going on from reasonable positions for me, - Anatoly Baranov finishes. - The same Luzhkov knows how to talk to people and perfectly understands what public opinion is. He personally knows Ponomarev and Udaltsov and even with me. It cost nothing for him to go out and talk to people - it would be very good PR action. But instead - militia cordon, rough detention of participants and offensive, absurdist materials in "pocket" mass-media. What do they want to show to citizens? That civil freedom in this country is completely abolished and republican form of government is replaced by "principate", by power of "successors"? That elections of the mayor of Moscow - I will remind, from these elections, actually, has been started "democratic" epoch which has led Luzhkov to power - is yesterday and now heads in this country will be only appointed? That the only way to use tongue now - to lick different places to the heads which would appear from nowhere and for some unknown reason would occupy different posts? I don't see any other meaning in these ugly militia five-finger exercises. People will still demand that level of freedom which corresponds to modern level of development of the society. The tighter the stopper will be hammered, the greater will be the force which will knock it once. And if lawful and loyal demands "Resign!" will lead to similar results, resignations will be made with already more serious consequences - not only as with Bakiev in Kirghizia but also as with Nadzhibulla in Afghanistan... It was Talleyrand said that bayonets - a good thing but it's impossible to sit on them".

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