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Medvedev Humiliated Parliament and Appealed to Create "A Zone Free from Laws of RF"

Medvedev Humiliated Parliament and Appealed to Create "A Zone Free from Laws of RF"

Last night president Medvedev met management of parliamentary fractions of the State Duma where he once again showed that none republican form of government declared in our fictitious constitution exist in Russia. To begin with he at once put everybody back - at once, instead of saying "hello":

- Good afternoon, dear colleagues! Your session is about to end: you did a lot of good for the country, for people, for yourselves personally.

Basically, the joke was good but inappropriate - if it were the chief of executive power talking to the management of a branch of legislature equal to him. Then such indecent hints could cause, say, demarche from the part of oppositional fractions - if opposition in the parliament of the Russian Federation also was not fictitious. Well, if autocrat talks to lackeys - it's quite pertinent joke, even funny enough.

But the main slap in the face was, of course, ahead.

- There is one more question which I want to focus, we have already started discussing it some time ago: this question concerns disciplines, discipline in the State Duma, namely visiting of plenary sessions by deputies.

That is autocrat decided, so to say, to have deputies' asses for absence. Naturally, in the country where the constitution is not fictitious and principle of division of authorities is a real constitutional principle and not a fig leaf on the genitals of executive power which it uses to show to all other branches with undisguised pleasure, such question would mean if not impeachment of the president, then parliamentary obstruction. It is a question which neither president, nor the general public prosecutor or the Supreme Court cannot and should not interfere with. It is a question of internal regulations of independent authority.

Eventually, the president and the prime minister not all their working hours spend at their places. Recently Medvedev ate hamburgers in some snack bar far enough from the workplace in the Kremlin.

Yes, you will say, but the president can fulfill his duties in every spot on the globe - even simply sitting in the presidential plane where all conditions are created for this purpose. But the same thing can be said about deputies - the deputy can charge his colleague from the fraction to vote for him by proxy and to get operative information necessary to him both by phone and by e-mail or using other Internet services - at last, if only Medvedev has iFon and account on Tvittere?

Concrete example - tragedy on the mine "Raspadskaya". Where should the deputy from Kemerovo region Ostanina be at the moment if not with her voters? While according to Medvedev it turns out that she should be at the State Duma session. If to trust to appointee of Medvedev - governor Tuleyev, he would welcome it in every possible way, while presence of the deputy at the region at the time of such important events is completely unnecessary for local administration. Regional council of Kemerovo even addressed officially the general public prosecutor and the director of FSB with the request to sort out the given question - what is the reason some public figures "trouble waters".

What is the reason for subjecting the heads of parliament to it, I should say, next and habitual humiliation? Here you are as in the question with vobla - before clearing small fish it is necessary to knock it strongly about the table so that it became softer.

Here you are the main reason why "vobla was knocked about the table":

-... I would like to make it clear today - it's a work over the law about innovative centre in Skolkovo. It's unprecedented thing for our country, I mean the law. Because all the same we tried to escape from privileges addressed to concrete objects operating on certain territories. Referring to this problem, this idea we decided to act differently. I brought such bill. It's meaning in giving concrete set of privileges, possibilities for concrete territory where this centre will be placed.

Is everything clear?

The deputies were let know that their faces are in through and if they want to live easily further, they need to create such law according to which other laws of Russia will act with big withdrawals at a certain place. It's not simply illegal and contradicts everything that Medvedev told about "law celebration" earlier - it's illegal and anti-constitutional. Particularly - it directly contradicts article 4 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation which says: "1. Sovereignty of the Russian Federation acts on all its territory. 2. The Constitution of the Russian Federation and federal laws have leadership in all territory of the Russian Federation".

As it is found out now, not in all territory - there are places where "leadership of law" acts selectively. It is not obligatory Skolkovo - the first step is the hardest and tomorrow "skolkovo" will be there where the president will point out with his presidential finger.

Certainly, if we had the parliament and not fiction, if there was opposition there and not "left foot of the power", situation would be more than unequivocal. Here the president-successor is sure, his instructions will be executed - we will note, after all he doesn't simply wish, he gives instructions...

- As usually I am open to discussions of other questions which seem to you necessary to discuss today. Thanks.


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