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Authorities Confess That Consumption of Vital Foodstuffs Is More Than Twice Lower That the Norm

Authorities Confess That Consumption of Vital Foodstuffs Is More Than Twice Lower That the Norm

Russian people consume much less types of vital foodstuffs, than it's necessary for normal functioning of organism, Ministry of Industry and Trade of RF confessed. According to its data, citizens eat little fish and sea food - less than the food standard by 56%, meat standard - by 68%, dairy products - by 61%, eggs - by 88%, RBK Daily writes.

Authorities explain this all-Russia "diet" not by low level of life and incomes but by poorly developed trade infrastructure and lack of places for storage of products, edition notes. They say in Ministry of Industry and Trade that trade infrastructure of RF lacks behind foreign one sufficiently: lack of roads doesn't let to supply regions with products, "creates threat of deficit and lead to increase in prices for certain group of products. While sharp lack of places for storage in places of production of food or fish capture leads to lowering of volumes of provision and, as a result, to reduction of consumption of citizens".

According to ministry, retailers could solve the problem by themselves, they should provide the country with warehouses and shops at their own account. While the state is ready to stimulate them with tax privileges, credits and allocation of sites for construction at price lower, than the market or even free of charge. To solve "question" at the account of the budget authorities don't want categorically - it's fabulously expensive.

- In the country where the state practically doesn't subsidize agriculture, it's hard to believe that agricultural producers will provide citizens with accessible food, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - This year products cultivated by domestic producers are more expensive, than products delivered from miles and miles away this spring. It's ridiculous to explain poor consumption of, say, eggs by poor infrastructure in RF - there are plenty of eggs on the world market and their cost is not higher, than ours. Why then Russian citizens don't eat them? There's no deficit of eggs in "Auchan", at that producers are different. But they are expensive for average Russian consumer, people eat eggs only on Easter. It's interesting that infrastructure for some reason doesn't interfere with consumption of eggs during Easter week! To tell you the truth, one can't see "sausage" trains going from the capital to province. I travel along Russia a lot and see that in provinces there are a lot of own food in the shops and they are cheaper, than in Moscow - only few people buy them. Expensive. Volumes of sales areas have nothing to do with it - citizens go to the supermarkets as to the museum to look at food and buy chips and frozen ravioli.


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