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Congress of the USA Prohibits Putin to Carry out Independent Foreign Economic Policy

Congress of the USA Prohibits Putin to Carry out Independent Foreign Economic Policy
The bill forbidding any interaction in the field of nuclear power with Russia and other states which help Iran is approved by the committee on foreign affairs of the House of Representatives of the USA Congress, BBC informed. As authors of the project is a group of eight congressmen headed by the democrat Tomm Lantos.

In his opinion, diplomatic measures in relation to Teheran will not have success if they will not be "supported with rigid international sanctions". As one of such sanctions members of the committee named refusal to sign and fulfill any agreement on nuclear cooperation between the USA and Russia in case the president of the USA will not confirm to the congress that Russia "has stopped all nuclear assistance to Iran as well as all deliveries of the advanced conventional armaments and rockets to Iran".

Interdiction, which now should pass the procedure of discussion in the Congress, concerns not only an agreement on the Russian-American nuclear cooperation which is now in the process of development but also all licenses, export or delivery of "nuclear materials, objects, components as well as other goods, services or technologies which have any relation to this agreement".

For Russia cooperation with Iran in nuclear sphere is very important - it proves technological level of our nuclear industry and is also a marker of independent foreign policy of president Putin. And if it is possible to ignore interests of the Russian hi-tech - it's not the first time, then it's not possible to sacrifice Putin's reputation as "courageous fighter with imperialism" on the eve of the elections.

- Though if to think, it is possible, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov thinks. - One just can come round to the USA including all unthinkable and to announce on all central TV channels that the next foreign-policy victory has been won - Putin didn't let Washington to subject the country to sanctions.

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