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Elections of Luzhkov: 75% of Opposition

Elections of Luzhkov: 75% of Opposition
Baranov Anatoly 30.06.2007

As it was planned and FORUM.msk wrote about it already 10 days ago, Putin submitted Jury Luzhkov's nominee for approval to Moscow Municipal Duma, in his 70 years he would officiate as the capital town governor already for the fifth term. To speak fairly, the situation is quite shameful as Luzhkov has not many chances on direct elections - people are tired of him.

However, the most interesting in this case is not quite predictable result - fraction "Edinaya Russia" possesses in Municipal Duma overwhelming superiority - the way things are in "oppositional" fractions is interesting. Why I write a word "oppositional" in inverted commas? Because even the most system opposition should oppose, that is to resist to the ruling authority in basic questions. Basic are, strictly speaking, only three themes - budget, questions of the property, affirmation of the supreme leadership. Thus it turned out that in one of these main theme "opposition" doesn't oppose to the authority, but vise versa - is quite solidary with it.

So, fraction "Yabloko - Associate Democrats" in full body (3 persons) supported Luzhkov.

Fraction "Yabloko - Associate Democrats" will support J.Luzhkov's nominee thus having given out to him "the credit of trust", - Sergey Mitrokhin announced. - I emphasize that he is the only representative of the party in power whom we can support, especially in view of the fact that Muscovites, including voters of "Yabloko", repeatedly chose him on direct elections of mayor".

I would like to note, that, as a rule, they refuse in banks to give credits without the mortgage to people of the same age with Luzhkov - the debtor with a high degree of probability can escape from payment of the debt to the creditor "because of the natural reasons". Meanwhile "the credit of trust" has not exhausted for 4 mayor terms as it is found out. At that it were the activists of "Yabloko" who suffered most from the activity of capital authorities, dispersals of pickets and demonstrations... Probably, deputies from "opposition" hold sympathy of the immortal mayor dear, even more than the popular votes whom, if it's necessary, they could bammed.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation wasn't very oppositional as well - though 3 deputies out of 4 voted against. Only 1 appeared to be "pro". So, oppositional character of the fraction of the Communist Party in Moscow Municipal Duma is 75%.

Who from the communists appeared to be those 25%? The Leader of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vladimir Ulas said to "Echo of Moscow" in the given occasion the following: "I can guess, because preliminary this situation was discussed by us. Nikolay Nikolaevich Gubenko had a bit different position. He protected it. But I would like to tell at once that there was no rigid arrangement to vote only so. Therefore three of them had position which being in the majority was treated as a position of fraction. Obviously it was so, though I don't claim for absolute accuracy, as soon as the voting was by secret ballot".

So, the voting was by secret ballots, but it was probably Gubenko - the director of theatre on Taganka who was for a long time "rotted" by the present capital management - who voted "pro". But then everything was settled somehow with the building of the theatre (but not with the theatre itself which has become obsolete long time ago). Probably, comrade Gubenko "works off" now.

Similar story happened to the same Gubenko several years ago. He headed Committee on Culture in the State Duma. When the parliamentary majority decided to cancel "batch agreement" and to deprive opposition of a management of the committees. They offered "nobly" - if you wish to reserve committees - leave fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Well everybody left - some management of committees such as Melnikov and Maslukov, other fraction such as Gubenko, Goryacheva, somebody else..

Gubenko was expelled from a party. And then, before the next elections, he was restored. Likely, because he is a good person. Or a very good actor. He was even put on the second place in the list in Moscow City Council (the first was occupied by Melnikov but he remained in the State Duma).

And now we have 25 % of conciliation. And on the future elections in the new State Duma in the list of Moscow the first three places with the probability close to 100% will look as follows: Melnikov, Gubenko, Ulas. Touching constancy... The following three places can be transferred to sponsors.

Meanwhile in Moscow area deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation jointly voted in support of the governor Gromov who was put forward by the president.

Though Gromov noticeably concedes to Luzhkov and in general has strongly given way recently. And well-being of the inhabitants of the area in comparison with Muscovites is polar opposites. Social support is scanty, tariffs for housing and communal services, for telecommunication and many other things are - essentially higher than in Moscow. Meanwhile incomes are - lower. Pensions and grants in the Moscow area also strongly differ from Moscow ones. However, the support of opposition there is 100%.

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