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Olimpiad in Sochi Will Cost 5 Million Lives

Olimpiad in Sochi Will Cost 5 Million Lives

On Thursday the president of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the decree "About Preparation to Carry out 22nd Winter Olympic Games and 11th Winter Paraolympic Games of 2014 in Sochi". At the time of appearance of the news about a victory of Russia over competition on carrying out winter Olympic Games-2014 forex/gold holdings of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation unexpectedly reduced on 600 million dollars.

- To connect Putin's success in the matter of lobbying of Olympic Games in Sochi with "weight loss" of the state pocket would be thoughtless, - chairman of Editorial board of FoRuM.msk Michael Deljagin believes. - There are different pockets for the settlement of such problems. It's no accident that Potanin was near to Putin during all the negotiations - not as the adviser on sports, isn't it? Besides the sum of 600 million is offensively small for Russia. It's not that officials of International Olympic Committee would not take such sum - actually they would be satisfied with even the less one. Meanwhile the system of kickbacks wouldn't work out at the decision of important state questions with such sum. In our country the sums are larger. So, it's a separate question - where did the sum of 600 million from forex/gold holdings of the state go to.

"I, certainly, can badly imagine where will pass ski race or biathlon in Sochi, - Michael Deljagin continued. - Famous Sochi beaches could be the only suitable for it place. There is also a question with a snow - it's not always snowy in Sochi in winter. So, obviously, we can congratulate also Khanty-Mansiysk where the part of competitions will be transferred".

Authorities in the meantime are going to form co-ordinating committee on preparation of Olympiad. The government should develop measures on safety, creation of transport and social infrastructure in Sochi, to prepare amendments to the legislation regulating advertising during Olympiad and also sale of the tickets for sports actions and trade of subjects with Olympic symbolic.

Simplified order of reception of visas and passages of the boundary and customs control should be applied on the participants and visitors of winter Games. Means for carrying out of Olympiad is planned to get from the federal budget and also to involve off-budget sources.

- The luck is one of the main talents of the politician, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov thinks, - and V.Putin who is quite ordinary person in all other things is endued rather plentifully. Such a "jam" the man has - and there's nothing to be done! If Russia would fail with Olympiad (the Koreans were in better position, than we), the situation with elections, successors and so on will be far not good and now, though in such "muddy" business as decision of International Olympic Committee, Putin is - the winner. By and large it is bad, as it delays "the moment of truth" for existing system of authority which in essence destroys Russia. For 7 years which remain up to Olympiad a mode (according to the statistics, 700 thousand people die out annually) will reduce the population of the country for another 5 million people. But there also will be a lot of satisfied people - from the fans to those who will undergo "gold rain" of investments. These are temporal preferences for the few, not very large groups of people which will lead finally, as I have already mentioned, to conservation of fatal for the country mode.

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