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Michael Kasyanov Joined Service of the Kremlin for 25 Million Dollars

Michael Kasyanov Joined Service of the Kremlin for 25 Million Dollars

As mass-media inform, Oleg Deripaska's holding "Base Element" in the near future will buy the consulting company "MK-ANALITICS" created by ex-prime-minister, known nowadays as oppositionist Michael Kasyanov. The sum of the transaction can make up 25 million dollars. A source in "Basel" informed RIAN about it.

It is supposed that the company "MK-ANALITICS" ostensibly will take part in the development and consulting support of several international projects of the group "Base Element", in particular in Northern America and on Balkans. "Basel" will also use the company for servicing of a number of big state and governmental programs both in Russian and abroad, the source notes.

The group "Base Element" was created in 1997 and is diversified holding company. The basic actives of the group, according to "Newsru.com", are concentrated in power (the management company is - "En+Group, Ltd"), mechanical engineering ("Russian Cars", Ltd), extraction of natural resources ("ElementResources, Ltd"), financial services ("BasicElementFinance, Ltd"), construction and development. Market cost of actives of the group exceeds 23 billion dollars. "Base Element" supervises such companies as "Russian Aluminium", "GAZ", "Ingosstrah". Oligarch Oleg Deripaska is a beneficial owner of the company.

"MK-ANALITICS" was created in February, 2005 by former chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Michael Kasyanov who heads the board of the consulting company. The General Director of the company is Tatyana Trefilov, former chief of Federal service on affairs of an inconsistency of enterprises.

Making comments on the forthcoming transaction, political scientist Vladimir Filin assumed:

"Michael Kasyanov, probably, understood that he would not be put forward the uniform candidate for president from opposition as he on all parameters was inferior to Victor Gerashchenko. I connect Kasyanov's refusal of support of "Marches of Discordant", his leaving from "Other Russia" and separate nomination of candidate in president on elections of 2008.

This nomination is extremely favourable to the Kremlin. Kasyanov, undoubtedly, will be registered. He will receive his 2 % of voices and at the same time will not make the slightest competition to the successor Sergey Ivanov.

The authority will have a reason to appeal to the Western public for the international recognition of forthcoming presidential elections representative and competitive. If there is an alternative? In fact besides the main candidate - Sergey Ivanov, the Kremlin "oppositionists" for all tastes will take part: Zyuganov, Zhirinovsky, Yavlinsky, Kasyanov and other political clowns.

That is the main reason and not the genius of business-adviser Tatyana Trefilova of "boldness" close to the Kremlin oligarch Oleg Deripaska who won't make a step without advice of the administration of the president, all the more so towards the "significant oppositionist" Kasyanov. And now he loosens up for 25 million! It looks as if it were pay-offs".

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