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Sergey Ivanov Is For the Military-Strategic Integration of Russia with the USA

Sergey Ivanov Is For the Military-Strategic Integration of Russia with the USA

As the first vice-premier, the main candidate in successors Sergey Ivanov in interview to the program RTR "News of the Week" declared, realization of last initiatives of Vladimir Putin can result in creation of uniform global anti-missile defense system and Russia was ready to exchange sensitive military technologies to carry out this task.

Ivanov suggested to 2020 to create uniform system of antimissile defense for all participants with equal access to management of this system.

"It changes all architecture of safety, a level of trust to each other because at equal access the parties, naturally, understand that we are not enemies, we are not contenders and cold war is finally cunning in the past, - Ivanov considers. - Possible cooperation following offered variants sooner or later will inevitably lead to the exchange of very sensitive military technologies. Russia is ready to it. It seems to us that such exchange of technologies and mutual trust will result in better trust of the Europe, the USA and Russia to each other". Ivanov noted that "our proposals foresee creation of global anti-missile defense with participation - equal participation - of many countries. And the United States of America, certainly, which for today are the technological leader in the world, and the European states, our offer provides to connect not only the countries of NATO, allies of the USA, but also all the Europe, including the neutral countries to this system. Austria, Finland, Sweden and so on". Sergey Ivanov emphasized, that we never called in question that fact that distribution of rocket technologies "bears serious threat to the safety of many countries of the world".

As to the readiness of Russia in the future to give new Russian radar station which construction is now conducted in Krasnodar territory in Armavir to include to the general information system, the first vice-premier noted that there are already such stations in the inventory of our space armies. "One of them in Leningrad region took up fighting watch, they also are very effective, as they use not Soviet but already Russian defensive technologies".

"It is the contribution of Russia. We understand perfectly, that other technical means are also necessary. In our opinion, the American systems which are based on the ships of navy fleet of the United States of America and which is possible to base at ocean, for example, to the south from rocket dangerous areas or other technical means can contribute to it", - Ivanov considers.

"This all should be packed, certainly, technologically into uniform system, but negotiations are necessary for this purpose, military experts, I think, could find decision at political desire and wiil," - possible future president of the Russian Federation made a conclusion.  

Sergey Ivanov's offers on creation of anti-missile system joint with the USA and NATO are directed against "countries-derelicts" - People's Democratic Republic of Korea and Iran, political scientist Vladimir Filin has characterized as "the program of the future president of Russia" who "military-political integration of the Russian Federation into the western community sees as the main foreign policy priority".

"Another matter, - the political scientist says, - that no everyone in the West wants such integration. But there is no doubts that Sergey Ivanov wants it. Separate theme: if population of Russia wants it? I don't know, the elections will show, if Ivanov will be elected, it means that it wants".  

Being the Ukrainian citizen, Vladimir Filin considers, that "the choice in favour of integration of Russia into the western community and NATO is a sovereign right of the Russian people. However, there is a question: why the leaders of the Russian Federation who has shaped course to the West, on military integration with the USA and NATO, at the same time oppose and take offence, when the same is done by the nearest neighbours of Russia - the Ukraine and Georgia? Double standards? Why Russia can integrate with the West and Georgia and the Ukraine can not? It, certainly, is a rhetorical question as well as why the Kremlin for the sake of the union with the USA is ready to sacrifice relations with, for example, Iran? But such questions for sure will arise and not only in the countries of CIS but also in the Russian national republics. The Chechen republic or, for example, Adygea can integrate with NATO through Turkey quicker and more successful than though Russia".
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