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"If You Will Not Read Books - You Will Forget Letters!"

"If You Will Not Read Books - You Will Forget Letters!"
Аlexander Majsuryan 12.07.2010

In the American Stanford University president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev was presented the Soviet banner of 1921 which was found in archives of the university: "From darkness to the light. From battle to book. From grief to happiness". Having received the banner, Medvedev noticed that he doesn't agree with other slogan of the banner printed in smaller letters: "Workers of the world, unite!"

D.A.Medvedev returned from America with a lot of presents - iPhone 4, the banner mentioned... Still there was no his branded wide Hollywood smile when he got that banner. Really, what's the reason for being happy?

According to the data of Levada-center published, by the way, not by some edition of hostile communist opposition but the most liberal "New newspaper" - in 1990 10% of Soviet families had more than thousand books at home. In 2005 there were only 4% of similar families in Russia, while in 2009 - 2%! Total edition of books in Russia decreased in 2.5 times since 1990. In 2008 34% of participants of the poll with higher education haven't read books at all, even on the own specification...

Really and truly, under such circumstances other post-revolutionary banner would become more actual present for Dmitry Anatolievich: "If you will not read books - you will forget letters!"

Besides, tactless Americans by its inappropriate present reminded Mr. Medvedev about that pages of the national history - starting from revolution of 1917 - which different surkovs, medvedevs and other Kremlin inhabitants try to black out, cross out and delete. Obviously, the American intellectuals simply imagined that if our revolution has already become inseparable part of world history long time ago, than it's a matter of honour and pride at home.

However, it's a mistake. Naïve people! Says you! Actually Russian society, as well as all CIS states, undergoes now process precisely reverse to revolution of 90-years' remoteness. It means that among all: "From light - to darkness!"

If there's need for more explanations? Darkness is approaching in all meanings - in the meaning of sharp reduction of volumes of private libraries and also in the meaning of triumph of clerical obscuratism - it's enough to recollect the trial over organizers of exhibition "Prohibited art"... Even as if quite "respectful", official editions publish horoscopes and other pseudo-scientific rubbish and don't consider it to be shameful.

Attempts of the Kremlin dreamers to collect and enliven "pieces of broken to atoms" in some manilov's reservation with symbolic name Skolkovo are absolutely senseless and helpless. The hat is not for a small head!

To return to life the first slogan - "From darkness to the light!" - is possible only having enlivened other slogan, revolutionary one. Which one? There were plentitude of such slogans - one would fail to calculate! For example, famous slogan of the French revolution: "Liberty, equality, fraternity!" Or the slogan of the Russian socialist-revolutionaries: "You will acquire the right in struggle!" Or the second one, that one which was printed in small print on the banner presented to Medvedev...

Funny stories on point.

1. Once upon a time, in the early days of perestroika the Swedes presented Gorbachev mobile phone. The USSR was ruined. Now the Americans presented Medvedev i-phone...

2. Lover of gargets will agree to everything to get sacred iPhone. Though Medvedev outdid everybody.

3. Having no trust to post, Medvedev personally went to get iPhone 4. He brought hope for investments for the rst of the Russians.

4. Never CIA managed to place inserting so easily and cheaply.

5. The American scientists made new discovery: it turns out that iPhone 4 decreases percentage of chloride in the American chicken up to sanitary standards of Russia.

6. - Look, Vova, what I've got from America! iPhone and coca-cola!

- Be honest, Dima - what have you changed it for? For Chukotka? Kamchatka?

7. Drunken air of the American freedom with the smell of hamburgers and coca-cola played with professor Medvedev a low-down trick - he didn't understand that iPhone-4 showed from the window of White House was a sign of failure.

8. President of RF Medvedev changed his 11 spies for new IPhone, hamburger, cola-cola and signature of Schwarzenegger!

9. Dmitry Medvedev in the USA. It came to the meeting with the governor of California. Hand shake, flashguns, microphones of press... Suddenly the governor of California pronounced in strange, mechanic voice:

- I need your cloths, arms and natural gas...

10. President Medvedev wrote in his blog: "Haven't eaten hamburgers for ages". And, having listened to the assistant leaned to his ear, added: "XD".

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