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Moscow Legislators Registered Bases for Dismissal of Mayor

Moscow Legislators Registered Bases for Dismissal of Mayor

The Moscow City Council at session on Wednesday made changes to the Charter of city of Moscow specifying bases for prescheduled termination of powers of mayor of capital, the correspondent of news agency RIA Novosti transfers.


Now, in particular, it is legislatively fixed that loss of citizenship of the Russian Federation, acquisition of citizenship of other state or reception of residence permit confirming the right to constant residing in the territory of foreign state could serve the basis for termination of powers of mayor.

- This act reminds me personally "the law about correct baking of pies" from "History of City of Glupov", - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted. - Probably, loss of citizenship deprives mayor of the right to occupy state post but what about loss of other qualities? Well, for example, of brains, honour, conscience? Eight years ago I wrote a book, "historical-philosophical feuilleton" on a theme of Saltykov's story "Newest History of City of Glupov". By the way, I presented one sample to the chairman of the Moscow City Council Vladimir Platonov. I do not know, whether Luzhkov read it but Platonov surely read because he said he didn't like it. Possibly I also will not like if someone will write feuilleton about me. Years passed and capital legislators continue to act in accuracy following this book. What can I do here? City legislators act somehow without ingenuity, without spark - they adopted the law according to which the mayor could not be deprived of powers ahead of schedule. Though it is somehow boring... If they would add at least a point according to which change of gender identity would be the basis for the termination of powers of mayor. Really, if the mayor changed gender - if he is still the mayor after it? Then he is she and she now has different name and surname. While appointment was made in the former names. Mess. They should register in the law that one more procedure of appointment and affirmation is needed in this case. It's clear that this law will never operate but at least they will amuse people...



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