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Grenoble As Future of Moscow and RF

Grenoble As Future of Moscow and RF

Youth from emigrant quarter of Grenoble burned cars and clashed with police all night long after 27-year-old citizen of the region died in shooting escaping from police, French mass-media informs.

French Minister of the Interior Bris Ortefe informed that police managed to restore the order on the streets of Grenoble. Disorders in the quarter of Villeneuve continued from Friday.

Youth from disadvantage French quarters reacts sharply on the death of neighbours who try to run away from police. A year ago young people burnt cars and trash-cans in the French suburb Bagnolet after the death of the biker who crashed escaping from police. In January of the current year disorders broke out in Lorraine after the young man crashed on the stolen bike.

On the night of Friday citizen of disadvantage quarter with obviously "disadvantage" name Karim Bududa together with his friend robbed casino in the resort city situated not far. Police started in pursuit of them which ended by shooting. Bududa was killed, while his accomplice is still on the run.

Police declared that it didn't overstep necessary defense. Fowever, the youth from the region where Bududa lived were not convinced in it. Disorders started after the mass in honour of the lost.

"When we came, we saw a group of people who waited for us with the stones and bats. It was a trap. They shot from guns, one even shot from a rifle", - employee of the local police informed on the air of TV-channel BFM TV.

Protestors damaged the tram, burnt more than 50 cars, auto service, tech inspection shop and fitness center.

- It's interesting plot for conversation about European integration, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noticed. -  It's not even Paris, it's once quiet provincial Grenoble where a theft of a cycle has been discussed for months. Now even in Grenoble there's the quarter which it's better not to visit even for police. If it's an example to follow? If these are those human values we live and learn? Already thousand people in Moscow come to Tsvetnoy Bulvar to pay the tribute to the memory of a young man - knife-victim of the Chechen - I don't dare to judge who was more guilty - "peaceful" fans of "Spartak" or the same way "peaceful hill-people" but reaction of the society is such that it's not strange if something will burn or someone will start crushing something. Though there are no ethnic regions in Moscow but there are already cafes where Russian people and Slavs are not welcome. It's a movement to the direction of Grenoble. It's absurd to think that authorities will in some way interfere with this European integration "a la Grenoble" - actually it's classical policy "divide and rule". OMON which every 31st exercise on peaceful city intellectuals seem to the inhabitants saving force against "wild Chechens" and it's being forgiven some clumsiness in treatment of civil society. While citizens of the capital with not white color of skin are being persuade that it's impossible to go along the street without the knife in the pocket - I can imagine what glances these people feel every day in metro, tram, simply walking along the street. Authorities as usually serve as "pointers". Ramzan to the Chechens, OMON to Muscovites. All, as a matter of fact, vote for perpetuation of such order.


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