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"Other Russia" Proposes Everybody to Take Part in the Elections of the Uniform Candidate for President from Opposition

"Other Russia" Proposes Everybody to Take Part in the Elections of the Uniform Candidate for President from Opposition

Oppositional coalition "Other Russia" proposes citizens and political organizations to take part in pre-elections of the uniform candidate for the president of Russia. It is said in the public application of the coalition of the 23rd of July.

It is said in application, in particular: "The model of management with serious system defects has been realized in the country. Ruling clans have concentrated in the hands huge resources and authority having created explosive disproportions between rich and poor, between the center and regions. The political competition and a freedom of speech are close to full abolition. Officials of all levels do not bear the responsibility before society and depend only on their bosses". Well, actually we know it. Another thing is interesting.

"Other Russia" is going till September, 20-25th to carry out a series of regional conferences for discussion to whom it's better to entrust leadership in opposition with "successor". Then in Moscow federal congress should pass. Direct ballot vote will choose the uniform oppositional candidate.

We shall remind, that at present readiness to act in this role was declared by Vladimir Bukovsky, Victor Gerashchenko, Sergey Guljaev, Gennady Zyuganov, Michael Kasyanov, Vladimir Ryzhkov, Oleg Shenin and Grigory Yavlinsky. "Other Russia" also considers that the participants of the regional conferences could put forward other candidates.

There is only one nuance: Gennady Zyuganov will take part in any similar action if only one nominee will be really discussed - his own. Actually, the same position is occupied also by Grigory Yavlinsky. Other comrades can do everything they want - it will only warm up interest to presidential elections as such, i.e. to play on "successor".

All that the real opposition can make in the circumstances is - to refuse to participate in farce in general or to put forward totally anecdote figure - for example, security guard Malishkin.

FORUM.msk has already declared the support of Boba Rabinovich's nominee and at the moment all our forces are thrown on gathering of signature of Boba Iisusovich, who categorically in the abusive form refuses to be the president (scam bag we may call him for that!). But we are long on hope. As soon as we will get his signature under consent to stand in elections, we will immediately offer his nominee to "Other Russia".

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