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A Threat to Be Arrested on “Litvinenko’s Case” Will Hang over Putin as Soon as He Will Lose Official Status

A Threat to Be Arrested on “Litvinenko’s Case” Will Hang over Putin as Soon as He Will Lose Official Status

The British government, including the prime minister and the chapter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Great Britain Gordon Brown and David Millibend, consider that Alexander Litvinenko's murder was "undoubtedly, the evidence of the state terrorism from the part of Moscow". It was declared to the newspaper "Sunday Times" by the British high-ranking official who also informed that "such point of view is being shared in the British government up to the highest level".

According to "Sunday Times" source, it has an access to last proofs collected by police and special services. Thus its announcement reflects opinion of supervising employees of antiterrorist divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Great Britain, Scotland Yard and other officials involved in the inquest. All these persons are sure that Litvinenko was murdered under the order of FSB.

"Sunday Times" source also informed that the British inspectors managed to find out that polonium-210 which was used for poisoning of Litvinenko had Russian origin. Most likely that it was issued in the nuclear center in Sarov.

Another source of "Sunday Times" - from the Kremlin - told to the newspaper that the delay with the answer concerning the dispatch of the Russian diplomats from London was caused by the fact that squabble between "diplomatic party" of the chapter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov who advised Vladimir Putin to do his best for smoothing down of the conflict and "the party of the security officials" who demanded rigid answer continued during those three days: "Influential figures in the Kremlin wanted Putin to send much more diplomats". In the end the party of Lavron won, "Putin decided that the conflict went too far".

One more British newspaper "Independent" mentioned a theme of preparation of attempt at Boris Berezovsky's life. According to its sources in external investigation MI6 and other British special services, absence of firm proofs of intention to make a crime, suitable for use in court induced to release the suspect. According to the source of "Independent", all police data were based on materials of listening of negotiations, meanwhile such evidences are forbidden to be used in British court. Alongside with it, they failed to find the weapon.

Making comments on information of British mass-media, political scientist Vladimir Filin said:

"From the very beginning the western press accused the Kremlin and FSB of Alexander Litvinenko's murder. However official bodies of the Great Britain avoided till now direct charges. Today, even doing it anonymously, representatives of the British government and special services point finger at Moscow without equivokes.

Probably, the theme of Litvinenko's murder and attempts on Berezovsky will be developing further influencing on the relations of Russia with the West and, indirectly, on the Russian internal policy in a context "operation "Successor-2008". Really, how could Vladimir Putin part with power if as soon as he will lose official status "Litvinenko's case" will hang as sword of Damocles. He will be compelled not to leave the borders of the Russian Federation at all or to be ready to be arrested abroad and to be delivered to the Great Britain".

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