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A Killer Who Was Preparing Berezovsky’s Liquidation Squealed Himself to British Special Services

A Killer Who Was Preparing Berezovsky’s Liquidation Squealed Himself to British Special Services

Russia is bearing the responsibility "to recognize necessity" to extradite Andrey Lugovoj, the main suspect in Alexander Litvinenkos' murder. It was declared by the prime minister of the Great Britain Gordon Brown at the first press conference as the head of the government.

Brown named present situation "inadmissible". Meaning poisoning of Litvinenko using polonium-210, the prime-minister declared: "We cannot admit such crime, which was accomplished on the British ground, to be remained unpunished". Brown regretfully noted that Russia didn't show any readiness to cooperate on the question of Lugovoj's extradition.

Besides other applications on "Lugovoj's matter", Gordon Brown declared that the Great Britain received "very important" support from France and Germany. In the near future Brown will go on a visit to the USA. He waits for the support also from this country.

Meanwhile, scandalous aspects of the Russian-British relations continue to be discussed in mass-media. The writer Julia Latynina made a speech on the theme, in particular, on the air of "Echo of Moscow". Her attention was involved with "the next story of mutual relations of Boris Abramovich Berezovsky and the Kremlin with extradition of a man who supposedly sought to kill Boris Abramovich and should have killed him".

In this respect Julia Latynina said:

"For some reason I don't want very much and I do not like much to speak about this story. Relations between Berezovsky and Kremlin represents mutual black PR constructed by a principle: I say mucks about you means that, firstly, as a result I lift my own value by saying mucks....

Boris Abramovich and the Kremlin... are built as Siamese twins. The Kremlin says: "Everybody in the world love us, we are warm and fuzzy, if Boris Abramovich did not dishonour us, everybody would love us, so Boris Abramovich is - our main enemy". "Yes-yes, I am your main enemy, I shall throw you off", - Boris Abramovich says, thus partly strengthening paranoia of the Kremlin and partly operating on a principle: the worse, the better.

Actually, in this muddy story with extradition of a man ostensibly made an attempt on Berezovsky not everything is clear just following the fact that if Englishmen really wanted to bring the matter to the end, they probably would have the possibility to catch a person who was to commit a murder at the very moment of doing it and judge him as it should be.

On the other hand, a story is looking authentically because it is confirmed by the sources in Scotland Yard, it is confirmed by the experts on safety, that is it is originated not only from Boris Abramovich. It looks like Englishmen simply did not want to inflate it. That is they perfectly understand who Boris Abramovich is, Scotland Yard does not want to be Boris Abramovich's PR-tool in his mutual relations with the Kremlin. And consequently they, possibly, decided to do it at the moment when they didn't have special evidences but had the possibility to extradite a person to express their "fie".

The most interesting still is who chirped a person. Because if someone was sent to England to kill Boris Abramovich, it is obvious that very small amount of people was involved in such combination. And hardly those who were in Moscow had such good relations with Boris Abramovich to chirp the killer to him.

Therefore the most probable variant is that this next "Lugovoj" - it is obviously a person of his type - that is also from business circles, also a friend of Boris Abramovich, also connected with some FSB employees - simply could do it himself. Just imagine, someone comes to him with the words: "Kill Berezovsky". If he go and do it in England, if he thrust a bullet in Berezovsky's nape, he would be imprisoned for 20 years. If he refuses to do it, his business would suffer.

But the most reasonable strategy in such situation is to squeal somehow to Englishmen or Boris Abramovich and do it so that not to be imprisoned for 20 years in England and to be sent from England under the gentlemen's arrangement so that nobody dig up, but there will an opportunity to make an excuse: you see, I wanted to kill a friend but, unfortunately, malicious English forces of world reaction broke the plan.

This story is muddy enough and obviously testifies that it's just the Great Britain that does not want for whatever reasons to aggravate strongly relations with Russia and all the more to be mister Berezovsky's hostage.

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