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On the 1st of August the Strikers Will Stop the Main Conveyor of AUTO VAZ

On the 1st of August the Strikers Will Stop the Main Conveyor of AUTO VAZ
Baranov Anatoly 01.08.2007

Today in the morning active workers in Togliatti made a decision to stop the main conveyor of AUTO VAZ starting from the 1st of August. Actually there is already "go-slow strike" on the factory when workers come to work, execute their formal duties but at that slow down production as much as it's possible. And from the 1st the conveyor should stop...

It is necessary to tell that preparation for this strike goes under enormous pressure of authorities. Actually federal power departments follow instruction of people who supervise the enterprise.


So, even on Friday eve an active worker, Trotskyist Anton Pustovoj was arrested, resistance to employees of militia was incriminated to him - now he under arrest but during the last day nothing was known about his destiny. The phones of some other active workers in Samara and Тogliatti are keeping silent, it can be an evidence of only one thing - there are a lot of people arrested on different occasions.


Active workers of Trotskyist Revolutionary Working Party who should bring circulation of the newspaper "Working Democracy" containing also a material about AUTO VAZ were arrested before embarkation on a station in Moscow - among them were editor of the newspaper Sergey Bijts and active worker of the party Michael Doronenko who should accompany circulation of 5 thousand copies of the newspaper for Togliatti workers.


According to Sergey Bijts, circumstances of the arrest were rather serious - firstly, there were representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and FSB and also representative of МВ from Tolyatti. Secondly, there was a certain fax with instructions from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to employees of the "structures" it was clear that strikers and "Trotskyists" got over the road to very influential people both in the region and in Moscow.


"They kept us some time, the train left. After that they had a dispute whether they need to let us go or should make the protocol", - Bijts told. Then law enforcement officers withdrawn circulation. "They didn't make protocols of arrest, just the one about withdrawal. There was no reason stated in the protocol", - Bijts noted.

And now - in essence.

Because of the low salary not adequating to economic realities of modern Russia and established practically out of a blue sky, workers of Assembling-Body Manufacture of 46 shops (test and completion of ready cars) announced a go-slow strike which is expressed in the refusal of overtime work, they want to work duly and to all specifications!


Earlier the workers sent the letter to the director of Assembling-Body Manufacture Shendyapin and the chairman of official trade union AutoSelkhozMash Zubov with the requirement to reconsider a wage scale, to which they received incompetent answer that's just the formal reply. After that the collective application was sent to the president of a group of Joint Stock Company "AUTO VAZ" Artjakov demanding increase of salary.


"We shall be compelled to start the strike from the 1st of August, 2007 in case we will receive refusal to fulfill our requirements", - it was said in the application. Today it's not a threat but the decision made.


About 120 thousand people work on AUTO VAZ in Togliatti. It is such an army, that OMON will not be enough. Besides the authority is not ready for the events like "Lensky Execution". But they understand the danger very well and are going to take very serious measures not to admit performance of workers.


There are things the workers can be indignant with. At all profitableness of AUTO VAZ the salary on the main conveyor of the enterprise is only... about 7 thousand roubles. To raise it up to more or less adequate sizes the management of the enterprise is not going. Actually, the secret of super low prices for the car VAZ as well as crazy profitability of the production are hidden in these fantastically low salaries.


Today workers of AUTO VAZ are not supported by official trade unions, "oppositional" political forces also do not help. However, the district committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation consisting of not numerous quantity of pensioners supported workers even declarative - meanwhile regional committee is keeping silent. Nothing is heard about the Central Committee, the Staff of Protest Actions and other "officially-protest" structures. No workers are present for a long time among the deputies of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. And among workers of AUTO VAZ there no party sponsors... Actually, everything is being organized by the workers, alternative trade union and Trotskyists themselves.

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