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Why Do Working-Class Trade Unions, Committees, Strike Committees Decay?

Why Do Working-Class Trade Unions, Committees, Strike Committees Decay?
Источник: "Working-Class Democracy" - confiscated circulation

The conversation will be hard.

Because the main illness of the working-class movement is a treachery of working-class interests inside of it. Only rare local organizations survive and do not decay and only because there are leaders, guides who cannot simply regenerate, turn over by virtue of their personal qualities - such they were born by their father and mother. The general picture is the following - the higher is the level of the working-class organization, the more hopeless is position: the top floors of trade unions, committees, strike committees are already toothless, peacefully existing with management of anti-working-class organizations. Why?

Because, having become released, having come off collectives, leaders turn into native but all the same officials. Yes, they are engaged in useful work: they carry out our assignments, carry on various negotiations, stay with chiefs in cabinets... But time passes and they as if changed. Because to sit in armchairs, to rub among the authority, to be at a feeding - is the same as to find oneself among infectious, moreover trying to infect others, sick. Meanwhile authorities with their habits, customs and decay - is pure AIDS for common people.

Rotting leaders can be cured only by those who knows them, puts forward, choose - that is the whole brigade, workshop - here we are united by work, joint labour, here it's not possible to dust eyes. Well and further: factory, city, country - in fact is it possible to win alone?

Further everything is already not as in the brigade.

From time to time various assemblies, conferences, congresses - it's necessary - gather. But all these are organized, being carried out by those who should be treated themselves! As a result they always have own presidium and necessary resolutions and there are in a hall the majority of toadies and boys Friday. In a brigade boys Friday are nothing - they act silently but gather on congresses densely and rule the ball together with chiefs: vote as it is necessary, assent in time, are silent and give tongues on command - "fairly" work off Juda's shekels...

And the life moves in a groove. At last next strike, better if spontaneous, malicious - such strike refers to as walk-out It pulls down barriers between workshops, awakes sleeping, lifts from knees meek. It seems, air varies, muzhiks become malicious, furious - give a full measure to the chiefs, authorities and the toads. New leaders are being put forward, the old ones are derthrown. During such moments there are neither insiders nor outsiders, only a general will, an overall aim. In our collective actions we are omnipotent and we achieve what we want!

But strike comes to an end - and we again fall to pieces as organized force ready to action. The circle becomes isolated.... Who or what will provide us constant readiness to oppose to everything and everybody, if something is not as it should be? In fact if chiefs from the master up to minister and the president will see that common people are at any moment ready to gather and kick Jesus out of them - they will hardly want to say lies, scoff, steal. Hardly!!

So, what do we need?

There are always among us those who more precisely, more clearly than others express general ideas, general interests, those who did not bend and does not bend a head before the authority. Now we shall imagine that they united (in a scale of the country!) in one command with reliable communication, iron will, with clear proletarian consciousness. Probably, it will not be any more strike committee or trade union.. but absolutely other working-class organization. Which one?

It will be Working-Class Party! Here you are the answer to our main question: only the Party will unite us in one giant brigade by name working Class. Class is blind, paralysis, its struggle - is convulsions without own revolutionary Party.

To make so that the party in due course won't be regenerated, won't decay as it now occurs with committees, councils, strike committees, trade unions it should not sit in armchairs, be torn to authority, to the blessings. No posts, privileges and preferences - to lead the way to the hungry it is necessary to hungry oneself! Only not coming off a class but acting in its ranks, on its position the party can hold under the reliable proletarian control both chiefs and our working-class leaders sitting (even temporary) on the released posts.

And the main thing is that it should not give rest to ourselves: "Do not sleep, muzhiks!". That is to pay attention not only to intrigues and plots of owners, authorities but, first of all, on indifference and calmness in our own ranks. Its task is to ring constantly the bell, supporting our organization, our readiness for collective actions at any moment, at the slightest pretext also in "peace" time.

It should be so on each factory, each city, all over the country.

Only it will lead us to Revolution which is vitally necessary to turn over life!

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