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Raiders against Thieves in the Russian "Defense Industry"

Raiders against Thieves in the Russian "Defense Industry"
Baranov Anatoly 07.08.2007
Yesterday on the "official" site of the Communistic Party of the Russian Federation new quite strange material under the heading "G.A. Zyuganov: Let's Protect Our Military Industrial Complex!" appeared.


It's a matter which is, certainly, good and necessary but only, as always, good action is always ruined by worthless execution. " Last years are marked by becoming more and more frequent practice of raider captures and simple destruction of last of the modern enterprises which have remained in the country", Zyuganov writes or may be it's not Zyuganov as the text is marvellously careless and is not verified. It is especially nasty as a problem is serious.


However, we shall vainly search in the text of the letter to president Putin (it's a letter to the president, only it's difficult to guess it, from the text of last paragraph " therefore we consider our duty to the country and people one more time to address to V.V.Putin as to the head of the state") for real examples of raider captures - a factory in Stupino, Join Stock Company "Kinap", Joint Stock Company "Strommashina", Joint Stock Company "Instrumental Bearings Factory", Joint Stock Company "Sphere", a ship-repair factory in Samara and hundreds others.


Comrade Zyuganov begins the list of the complaints to Putin with Federal State Unitary Enterprise "EMZ" named after. V.M.Mjasishchev. It is also strange - such giants of the aviation industry as "MiG", "Tupolev", "Ilyushin" are being destroyed before our eyes, the company Mile, as a matter of fact, has disappeared, serial aircraft factories stop functioning and the leader of Communist Party cites as an example insignificant aviacivil engineering company which has already half a century in the past.


Also what did happen there? Here you are what Zyuganov writes: "At the end of 2006 skilled professional A.A.Proskurnin (order of Rosprom from December, 21st, 2006 N351/g-r) became the general director of Federal State Unitary Enterprise". And then - " Scanty on scales of the enterprise debt which the factory was able to cover in 2007 due to the orders made by the Ministry of Defence appeared an occasion for a series of attacks from Rosprom, aiming to replace administration of the factory and to put on its place  these or those persons not possessing necessary qualification".


Well, Rosprom one year ago appointed a person to a post and 8 months later decided to check up, how he coped with his duties. What of it? Where one can see "practice of raider capture"? It's turns out to be a bit strange - Rosprom which appointed director of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "EMZ" V.M.Mjasishchev was good, but when it after a while decided to look how things were going on - it became bad?


The phrase from the letter "Attempts of other organizations, including Minpromenergo to address the government with the offer toprolong the term of the debt of Federal State Unitary Enterprise had no success", are alike to schizophrenia, i.e. a split mind. As soon as Rosprom - is structural division of Minpromenergo and it's not clear why should minister Khristenko address the government (obviously to Fradkov) with complains on activity of his direct subordinate Aleshin?


And the offer "to prolong the term of the debt" is in general strange as Proskurin's command was appointed to the enterprise just to stop chronic debts and not to continue it in infinity.


Even stranger looks the care shown in the letter of comrade Zyuganov to president Putin of destiny of enterprise "Istrian" as it would be more logical to write about it to president Jushchenko as this factory is situated in Odessa area.


"Istrian" - is the producer of the crane equipment - including for performance of works on overload of combat missiles of submarines MSYAS of the Navy of Russia. Its main customer - the Navy of Russia - is, certainly, being financed from the defensive budget.


Here you are what comrade Zyuganov writes: "It was a question of construction and basic repair of 56 heavy cranes ordered by the Navy of the Russian Federation. In 2000 from the target budgetary appropriations 500 million rbl. Were allocated for the purpose (Law about "Federal Budget for 2000", part 3, article 19).Money from the federal budget to the Ministry of Defence were transferred totally, however, only its part was directed on the payment of the works done".


In general, it's usual business - budgetary money were stolen and for a long time ago, about 7 years. In what connection one can see raider capture, moreover of the foreign enterprise? In no connection!


Further G.A.Zjuganov reproduces in his letter total nonsense about the consequences of the case if rocket with a warhead suddenly will fall from the crane: "By estimation of the experts, one such failure is capable to exceed many times over the scales and consequences of Chernobyl accident, having created, in particular, the area of radioactive infection not less than 1500 kilometres".


Well, it is clear, that "expert" of G.A.Zjuganov's level does not understand that the nuclear warhead cannot blow up from simple falling, actually from not simple also. To blow up a nuclear charge having struck a hammer on a cap is also impossible - it is not a charge from a gun. But who prepares him such bumf?


It's not clear what revolts Zyuganov also in this fragment: "Besides, as a management of Ministry of Defence consider, cranes KS-8362 D and KS-5363 M in generally have morally become outdated and from 2008 a batch production of new samples of special cranes is planned. As to the further financing of the contracts available, the decision (according to the letter of the first deputy minister J.Baluevsky from March, 30th, 2007 N205/4732) will be accepted "after carrying out of inventory of not accomplished production and check of the accuracy of the usage of money transferred by the Ministry of Defence of Russia to "Istrian", Ltd for the production and repair of heavy cranes".


And what, whether it is correctly to continue to send state money abroad not asking for any report?


Here you are one more example which from the point of view of Zyuganov is an evidence of raid: "Since February, 2007 the Cabinet of Chuvashia, proceeding from the report of the Minister of industry and Energy J.P.Voloshin, made a decision to check the federal enterprise by republican and actionable bodies of Chuvashia with the purpose of revealing of infringements in its financial and economic activity during the years 2003 - 2006. Simultaneously, as in all raider attacks the blow was stricken also on the management of the enterprise: there was an inquiry send to the Government of the Russia Federation about "adequacy to the position held" of the general director of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "ChPO named after V.I.Chapaev" by M.S.Resnikov".    


Actually, I understood. According to G.A.Zjuganov, any attempt of the state to interfere with activity of the state enterprises of the Military-Industrial Complex, any attempt to check up an expenditure of state money by them, not saying about removal from a post of the careless or caught stealing director, is terrible raider activity and should be stopped personally by the President of the Russian Federation.


By the way, in the nearest future G.A.Zyuganov is going to become the President of the Russian Federation, so, on hand, so to say, an item of pre-election program.


Well and if to be serious, there is an impression that rather dexterous misters engaged in different muddy affairs in the system of Military-Industrial Complex "have worn a path" to G.A.Zjuganov's environment which today forms his opinion. His telegram to V.V.Putin about a situation at "Perm Powder Factory" can be served as a signal - if it is possible for one director to get the lobbyist on behalf of the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, why it is impossible for the other one? A number of "offended by Rosprom" lined up - "gets goat", checks, removes from a post and threaten to bring to justice.


How it is possible to endure such raid activity?
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