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Triumph S-400

Triumph S-400
In the Russian military-industrial complex there are also good news. For example, air defense missile weapon system S-400 "Triumph" takes up fighting watch in the city Elecrtostal situated near Moscow. It was awaited for a long time, the system has been already "exposing" in press within several years, but tests proceeded, there was an operational development. But all the same, all this ended really quite triumphally.

The general director of research-and-production association "Diamond" - the developer of the system Igor Ashurbejli is sure that with introduction of S-400 the east of the Moscow region will become the safest region of Russia. "It is essentially new system. I think that it will affect the market of the real estate in Moscow suburbs because the east of Moscow is now the safest region in Russia", - RIA News cites his words.

The developer has today the full right to joke, drink champagne and in general to look like a birthday boy. A rare case when everything is worked out.

The air defense missile weapon system S-400 "Triumph" is intended also for destruction of the flying devices executed with the use of technology "Stealth", small-size winged and operational-tactical rockets as well as fighting blocks flying with speed up to 4,8 km/s on range up to 400 km, it is also capable to replace three systems of S-300 type.

Air defense missile weapon system S-400 "Triumph" can be produced in two variants: stationary and mobile, preference is given to the last one.


Comparing characteristics of S-400 with other rocket complexes of the Russian and foreign manufacture, it is possible to draw a conclusion that S-400 "Triumph" almost in 3 times surpasses similar samples which are now on arms by criterion "efficiency".


In comparison with S-300, the range of interception of small-size targets including ballistic is increased more than for 40%; noise immunity is considerably raised, search, fire and maneuverable opportunities of the system are expended.


Air defense missile weapon system S-400 is on arm both as regular rockets and as the rockets of the super-big range. Rockets have high probability of defeat of the targets in one start-up (0,9 for piloted and 0,8 for pilotless maneuvering flying devices).


The micromotors established on rockets allow them to maneuver at heights up to 35 km at overloads over 20 units that provides high efficiency of defeat of ballistic missiles of average and small range. Destruction of the target is being fulfilled by the blowing up at a distance.


All processes of fighting work of the system are automated.


In the formation which was the first in the Air Forces who decide to rearm on air defense missile weapon system S-300 corresponding material base was created and there was also preparation of staff of the unit. All volume of works stipulated by the program of tests of S-400 was executed in full volume.


System S-400 is also planned to use in interests of antimissile defense for covering of large industrial centers of Russia.

According to the data of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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