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Archpriest Outdid Not Only the President but Jesus Himself

Archpriest Outdid Not Only the President but Jesus Himself

Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril began vicarial visit to Ukraine. Patriarch has addressed to gathered after a short prayer in Saint-Uspensky monastery in Odessa, unique patriarchal residence in Ukraine. Near to Saint-Uspensky cathedral archpriest was met by several hundreds believers and clerics of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. A path from ferns and petals of roses was laid to the entrance of the monastery.

Billboards welcoming archpriest have been installed all round the city on the occasion of arrival of the patriarch. This year visit passed quieter, last visit to Ukraine was accompanied by protest meetings of the dissenters.

Obviously, having been delighted to this circumstance, patriarch glorified stability: "Much has been changed for the better in life of the Ukrainian society, great role in stabilization of life of the Ukrainian people, in preservation of its unity was played by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, historical church of the Ukrainian people".

Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church hope that with Victor Yanukovych's coming to power who expresses obvious support of the Ukrainian orthodox church of the Moscow patriarchy, political reasons of distribution of a split in Ukraine will remain in the past.

- At due respect to feelings of believers some incongruity of the role which archpriest should play in modern society and the report which is made up for Cyril's Ukrainian visit is evident, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noticed. - Let's say, even Jesus Christ who came to Jerusalem modestly, on a donkey didn't dream about the way covered by petals of roses. Pink petals more resemble reports of the Roman emperors-pagans, people covered their heads but not feet by petals. If Cyril believes that for last year he made something allowing him to accept such honour? Or for a year situation with Orthodoxy in Ukraine stabilized to such extend that he is met not by thorns but by roses? But the main strangeness, of course, is in the state status of the visit - moreover, "spiritual lord" obviously affords more than secular lords.


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