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Diversion on the Road from Saint-Petersburg to Moscow

Diversion on the Road from Saint-Petersburg to Moscow

At night from the 13th to 14th of August, at 9.38 p.m. on the Oktyabrskaya railway haul as a result of external influence, presumably - explosion, turnoff of several carriages of a train 166 occurred. Exact reasons, quantity of victims are specified. According to preliminary data of the Russian Railways, there are no victims. Approximately 10 people are sent to medical institutions of regional center of Malaya Vishera, the help is rendered to a number of people on place. 16 people received wounds as a result of smash-up of a high-speed train "Moscow-Saint-Petersburg" in Novgorod area, Emergency Situation RF announced.


Commission of the Russian Railway headed by the first vice-president of the company Vadim Morozov has been sent to the place, the chapter of JSC "RZHD" Yakunin has been also send there. Regenerative brigades and diesel train which will deliver passengers of the suffered train to Petersburg are on the place.


Roundabout schemes are being developed now - so that the trains were not put off out of a schedule. Meanwhile all trains leave stations of Moscow and Petersburg according to the schedule.


To receive information about St.-Petersburg train passengers suffered was organized "hot line| phone and operative staff, press-service of the Russian Railways informed. It's possible to received information by phones. 8(812) 436-88-13 and 8(812) 768-44-28.


If the version of diversion will find acknowledgement, it will be the first act of terrorism connected with the native land of the president - St.-Petersburg - earlier all acts of terrorism occurred, as a rule, in Moscow or on Northern Caucasus.


PS. According to the last data available, about 60 passengers asked for a medical help, 20 people were hospitalized into the hospitals of the Novgorod Region. All in all there were 231 passengers and 20 people of the train staff in the train.


The work of 10 trains which are on a way of the failure of "Neva Express" is suspended. Withdrawal of these trains by means of diesel draft is expected in the near future, detour will be used: Chudov - Novgorod - Dno - Bologoe - Moscow. Backlog from the schedule will make from 4 till 8 hours. 8 trains which left Petersburg would be withdrawn through stations Shushary and Dno. Train ER-200 sent from Moscow to St.-Petersburg will be returned to Bologoe, meanwhile the train Moscow-Tallinn - to St.-Petersburg, press-service announced.

According to the data of 10:30 p.m. Moscow time Monday 21 trains were on the site Saint-Petersburg - Moscow.

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