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The Best “Music” – Is Wiretaps?

The Best “Music” – Is Wiretaps?
Oleg Sultanov 15.08.2007

If the followers of "Edinaya Russia" start before elections to write books directed on low interest of curious inhabitants, it means that political ideas of party in power lean, basically, on primitive slogans.


The closer parliamentary and presidential elections are, the more active is propaganda work with the inhabitants of the country. Especially from the part of "Edinaya Russia". Though everybody perfectly understand that this party that is openly supported by the president, in any case will head the lower chamber of the parliament, the followers of the party continue their "patriotic" games which are so expensive to the society.


In my opinion, this party gradually turns, figuratively speaking, into a certain universal key, using which the Kremlin "opens" any positive event in the country to people and if it is driven to - explains any failure in its policy.


Several days ago I learned from newspapers that one of the deputies of the State Duma - the follower of "Edinaya Russia" Alexander Hinstein finishes his work above the book "Oligarches of the Road" to which as "Komsomolskaya Pravda" notes "two CD with record of telephone conversations will be attached as a surprise". It is clear Boris Berezovsky is one of the main "characters" of this literary creation whom Hinstein in the book precisely designates as the old agent of KGB of the USSR enlisted in 1979.

I can imagine a situation when someone presents this book, for example, to his relative - to a student and, handing it over together with disks of privately written down conversations of an oligarch, addresses: "Study, son, the way the policy in Russia in days of Boris Nikolaevich and Vladimir Vladimirovich was done!"


The essence is not at all in the fact that Berezovsky, I suppose, is obviously not a goodie of Hinstein's book, it's another matter; the methods used by the author - the deputy for gathering (and, most likely, scoring) of texture exclude for ever opportunity of an objective estimation of Boris Berezovsky from the part of society. In fact, if by means of special techniques which are at the disposal of special services to fix actions and conversations of any citizen, especially, of a politician, there is nothing easier than to expose him from rather unpleasant point of view. Am I mistaken? All of us are not sane. I am sure that holy servants also don't serve for the whole day to the Supreme Being. It's possible, I think, to see in prison former priests who broke not only the commandments of Christ but also Criminal Code...


But it's, so to say, ethical part of the matter. It's worse, in my opinion, that practically all intelligenzia of the country understands - Hinstein is deprived of an opportunity to make the decision to write such a book independently and especially to use the facts known only to secret services of Russia in it. That is one can easily see the commissure of momentary interests of the Kremlin (to neutralize Berezovsky before elections) and obsequious bows aside its towers from Lubyanskaya Square (receive what you ordered; Boris Abramovich had a "sin", he, a mellow, served as an agent...).


It is necessary to understand that the edition of Hinstein's book should cause approximately such reaction of a working Russia: ah, Abramich, ah,son of a bitch, you not only ruined the country ruined but also served to KGB?! They in the West will also scratch their heads: whom we, saxophones and Britons took care of, the "fruit" which was grown up on Lubyanka? And I think, whether really these momentary political needs outweigh the strategic purpose consisting in suffocation of terror in territory of Russia?


The current of my thoughts is simple: FSB is the main shock fist, capable to break terror in the Russian Federation. It's the power, assign of KGB of the USSR which possesses forces for struggle against terror, applies special methods, knowledge, means in it. Including the numerous apparatus of private assistants - secret agents. Their activity, by the way, was earlier and is now based on laws and various sublegislative activities. If Berezovsky even was involved in private cooperation as an agent, then it is possible to apply to him the conclusion of the expert in the field of agential - operative work of state security agencies of of M.P.Lubimov: "Activity of an agency of security service is socially useful as it corresponds to clause 62 of the Constitution of the USSR in which protection of socialist Fatherland was specified as a sacred duty of citizens of the USSR and also to clause 67-10 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation...".


Now we shall imagine that several hundreds of present agents of FSB aimed by its management on prevention and suppression of actions of terrorists will see over Hinstein's book. I do not know what their reaction will be but normal secret agent would assume: "Today "front office" under the Kremlin's request meaningly exposed "bereza", having informed through the obliging deputy of the State Duma a society that that in due season allmighty person was an agent. Where is a guarantee that the same destiny is waiting for me in a couple of years?"

That's all.


If they didn't think on Lubyanka that the loss of even one real "bayonet" directed to a heart of the terrorist cripple the country, its people much more, than Berezovsky's political idle talk on a coast of Thames?


On hand there is a situation when the desire to revenge concrete "apostate" prevails over expediency of preservation of operating agency which, I shall remind, should take root not only into terrorist groups but also into organizations sabotaging economic development of Russia, into the network of corrupted officials. There is no doubt that all Russian oligarches became respectable businessmen after having corresponding "practice" on the road; here Hinstein and "his" informational sources are right for hundred percent. At the same time, each of these oligarches is a child of the Russian authority. All our "economic empires" were created in the interests of concrete circles of the Russian monopolistically capital and at support of the government. It's impossible to deny now that oligarches of all colorus - from naughty "veteran" and fugitive Berezovsky to young business man ready to give "their" business to the government on first call - came to the Russian social-economic (Boris Berezovsky to political) arena not having concealed won faces of invaders of national property. 


However, the Kremlin for some reason directs the streams of narrow-minded hatred, by the way, not skilfully, only on concrete personalia - on those who refused to prove loudly his ability to automatic inclusion into soldered system of the Russian authority and the Russian large business. This fact casts sad ideas - about an equal-sign between natives from the road and organizers of already 16-years long campaign of the Russians to democracy ...

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