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August and Russia

August and Russia
Vladislav Kurochkin 28.08.2007

Recently August in Russia is considered to be the month of disasters: one time the government declares default, another - putsch begins, the submarine with crew is lost. Bourgeois pressed eager to have sensations and scandals replicates August disasters as many times as possible - from the submission of corrupt mass-media August is considered to be "black month": for greater persuasiveness sometimes they even recollect that both World War I and nuclear bombardments of Hiroshima and Nagasaki also occurred in August. Mystical month, the August! But everything is nonsense. It's usual month and the amount of misfortunes is even less than during the others - just in languished from heat and holiday idleness brains of fellow citizens all summer incidents, by virtue of their unexpectedness, leave especially significant impression.


This year, it seems, things come right (keep your fingers crossed - month still has not finished!): the country was not "couped", the government didn't declare any defaults and devaluations, significant natural cataclysms were also not noticed. Telechannels do not even know what to fill the air of news  with - and broadcast about rubbish. Certainly, "ministry of truth" controlled by the Kremlin will not tell a lot about a camp of anarchists and the ecologists protesting against construction in Angarsk, on coast of the lake Baikal a factory on processing of foreign nuclear waste. Certainly, the first channel being financed by the government on our money won't tell the whole truth about monstrous attack of the band of skinheads on the 21st of July on this camp and that not everybody saw the daylight - 26-years old anarchy-ecologist Ilya Borodenko died at place, two other comrades are still in reanimation.


Glamour bitch will be shown at the prime time but there will be nothing said that valorous "bodies" and RosAtom which are headed by "kinder-surprise" Kirienko and the federal government who contracted for "bucks" to settle nuclear dung of foreign capitalists are also interested in massacre of the camp of ecologists. Certainly, there will be nothing said about it ... There will also be no though descriptions about the strike on August, 1st on AutoVaz in Tolyatti, that workers don't want any longer to kowtow for pennies and that only lack of solidarity and class conscience didn't let to extend the strike. Ok, everything will be later. Even if they won't tell about it...


They will also keep silent about Social forum in Novosibirsk which for the third year shows to citizens that other world is possible - the world without exploitation, the socialist world. But we won't learn about it... As well as we won't learn about the one to whom increase of prices for bread is favourable and who organized speculative agiotage. TV-set will not tell that in conditions of shortage of grain in the country, our favourite government sends 13 million tons of grain on export. But we can always learn the latest news of beau monde, who with whom and when and who caused a frown of Putin on the session of ministers.


There was no real news for all summer in the central mass-media. Firstly, about collisions of the left youth with policemen in Rostok. The European communists and anarchists really disturbed world bourgeois from "G8", therefore the Russian mass-media also wailed about extremism. Secondly, espionage scandal in London. Judging from the fact that information is given avariciously, it is clear, that Russian special services coolly pooed out before counterspionage of foggy Albion. Thirdly, sensation around of Olympiad - 2014 in Sochi. However, nothing was said about the fact that because of Olympiad the unique Sochi reserve was ruined and that housing in Sochi was increased in price from that "joyful" news at once for 70-100 %! There was nothing said that on construction of sport center would be wasted hundred billions budgetary roubles and that the profit would be received by a group of oligarches close to the president. What did you say?! "Prestige of the country!". Who needs the truth in the epoch of pre-election PR?

Working people need it. But people are not in power, though... Though the future December elections will enable it to show cheap Kremlin "PR managers" that all their tricks - are nothing and it's impossible to deceive the populace for ever. Expecting it misters-politicians from "ER" and "Fiar Russia" have already begun preparation for struggle for the Duma armchairs. They have only one opponent in this fight - people. We hope, it will tell in December its weighty word... Here you the August month. It's not awful, not catastrophic. Just any month of the year at present authority could become catastrophic. Probably, it's high time to change something, but not in the calendar...

Comrade Vladislav Kurochkin, 1-st secretary of city committee of Young Communist League in Kirov

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