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Having Disorganized AvtoVaz - Let's Get Advanced to Disorganize the Samara Area

Having Disorganized AvtoVaz - Let's Get Advanced to Disorganize the Samara Area

The president of the group "AutoVaz" Vladimir Artyakov can become the governor of the Samara area where the factory is located. Artyakov can replace Konstantin Titov in an armchair of the governor as "Vedomosti" inform following information of two sources close to a management of "AutoVaz". This nominee is discussed in Administration of the president, one of them says. The question is already solved, the president has chosen Artyakov, the other speaks. Vladimir Putin can nominate his candidate on a post of the chapter of the area already in the near future, high-ranking official of the federal government adds.


Artyakov negotiated with plenipotentiary Alexander Konovalov - apparently, successfully, a source in embassy of Privolzhsky district says.


Titov have been already asked to retire since December this year though the question on his dismissal can be solved on August, 28th - during Putin's staying in the Samara residence "Volga Rock". It's more or less clear with the present governor, 63-years old Titov has been supervising the Samara area for 16 years, in 2005 he was reappointed on this post, but it's high time to know when to stop.


48-years old Artyakov has been working together with the general director of "Rosoboronexport" Sergey Chemezov for 10 years: he was his deputy in the department on external economic relations in administrative office of the president, in "Technoexport", then in "Rosoboronexport". Chemezov is on friendly terms with Putin who was his chief in administrative office of the president. Artyakov deals with "AvtoVaz" since the moment of transition of the enterprise under management of "Rosoboronexport" in 2005. He headed the board of directors of "AvtoVaz" and in the end of the last year he left a post of the deputy of manager general of "Rosoboronexport" and became the president of the factory-group "AvtoVaz".


- Again we observe an example of clan, as a matter of fact feudal principle of management of the country, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - Key posts are being occupied by people not because of their business and professional qualities but because of belong to a clan. Everything is perfectly visible, Mr. Artyakov was appointed to supervise AvtoVaz in no way by professional principle. Moreover, as I already wrote earlier, he carried out management of a factory as the barin of the end of 19-th century, on a distance, from Moscow. Judging from critical situation on AvtoVaz where the enterprise is in permanent prestrike readiness, Mr. Artjakov has not achieved great successes in a management of a factory. Manufacture of cars falls, approximately on 10 % a year, it will fall in the current year as well. Salaries of workers are 2 times below average one in the industrial sector, salaries of managers - 100 and more times surpass salaries of the workers. One can't describe it briefly, I, unlike Mr. Artyakova, have recently visited Tolyatti that was uneasy - in fact there are a lot of policemen around the factory as in some "banana republic", they only have to get esquadro del muerte.


"And here on a background of such industrial "successes" of Mr. Artaykov is being tipped for the governor, - Anatoly Baranov continued. - It is clear that the results of no matter what activity inside of a ruling clan don't matter. There are only merits before a clan. And we, those who do not enter into any clans, who are not feudal lords from bureaucracy, how could we live under such management? Actually 99,9 % of citizens have disfranchisement, any channels upstairs are completely blocked, their opinions, their interests are not being taken into consideration by anybody. Authority treated them as Ivan Nikiforovich from Gogol: "May be you want also a meat? Well, come here, after all I don't beat you...".


- We already have the whole galaxy of governors-rotation workers, - Anatoly Baranov ends, - people sent from the center and having no connection in any way with region. They are Boos in Kaliningrad, Men in Ivanovo and others. The whole command occupying key posts in administration, intercepting control over the most attractive objects for business comes with them. It is natural that as soon they are not elected or appointed, they have no responsibility before voters, simply before people. The local person has a chance to meet in the street the schoolfellow, the friend of the childhood and to reproach - "so, you, how can you bring us to that... " It does not threaten to the executives-rotation workers. They are "the Varangians", "Normen", "others". The only thing that can stop such returning of feudalism is full, total antagonism of such order of things by the whole society. Some who still remember other time and other course are still alive, while the slave on vaz conveyor still remembers how he was the owner of the country it is necessary to resist to this system. Or already tomorrow we will be beaten in a stable and we will escort our daughters to lordy baths by right of the first night.


While the material was preparing for printing, according to the press-service of the Kremlin, in connection with the application of the governor of the Samara area Konstantin Titov about prescheduled termination of powers Vladimir Putin decreed: "To accept resignation of the governor Titov at own will. To appoint Artyakova Vladimir Vladimirovich temporarily acting the governor of the Samara area for the period up to the introduction into a post of a person allocated by powers of the governor of the Samara area".

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