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The State of Emergency Is Introduced in Moscow Region and 6 More Regions

The State of Emergency Is Introduced in Moscow Region and 6 More Regions

The president of RF Dmitry Medvedev signed the decree about declaration of the state of emergency connected with provision of fire security in seven subjects of RF. Access of citizens to a number of territories and economic operation is temporary limited in connection with the decree.

The state of emergency is declared in the Republic of Mari El, Mordovia, Vladimir, Voronezh, Nizhegorodskaya and Ryazan regions.

The decree obliges to attract military forces and other military formations to liquidation of the state of emergency. Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Emergency Situations should define forces and measures necessary for liquidation and prevention of fires. Ministry of Internal Affairs is obliged to provide the state of anti-fire safety on the territories of subjects mentioned.

The decree of the president recommends to public authorities of subjects to attract public organizations and volunteers to fire-fighting operations.

The decree also obliges the government of RF and authorities of subjects to take all necessary measures to render help to bereaved families and injured as a result of fires including provision of habitation and compensation for the porperty lost. The sum of compensations for houses burnt in the result of natural fires has already exceeded 6 billion roubles, the head of the Ministry of Regional Development Viktor Basargin told on Monday.

The number of victims of forest fires exceeded 30 people, 2,21 thousand people stayed without places of habitation, 1,875 thousand houses burnt.


- It's better to introduce the state of emergency later, than never, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted. - However, I would like to talk once again about responsibility of authorities for things going on. Why the state of emergency is introduced a month after the beginning of disaster when thousands people stayed without habitation and tens died? Who answered for preventive measures and what kind of punishment officials, including the ones from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, bore for obvious discrepancies of measures taken to the real state of things? Why the Ministry of Emergency Situations - being as if budget organization which employees have epaulets of officers and generals provide commercial services in its second hypostasis - EMERCOM agency? Who are employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in reality - Russian officers or employees of the company "EMERCOM" as it could be seen from their uniforms?


For example, we can read on the official site of EMERCOM: "The group of companies EMERCOM and Fire Insurance Fund is carrying out full complex of anti-fire measures from development to introduction at the stage of planning, building and exploitation of buildings".

There we can also find:

"Independent estimation of fire risk is carried out with purpose of releasing of the object from check-ups of the local State fire Supervision. Objects where independent estimation of fire risk is being carried out are not subjected to check-up by bodies of state fire supervision in connection with clause 25 of "Administrative Procedure of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Emergencies and Liquidation of Consequences of Natural Disasters bearing state function of control over fulfillment of safety measures by federal bodies of executive power, executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation, bodies of local self-management, organizations as well as officials and citizens", approved by the decree of EMERCOM of Russia from 01.10.2007 № 517 and registered in Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation from 31.10.2007".

"Audit of fire safety differs from check-ups of the inspector of State fire Supervision because auditor points out lacks in the sphere of safety and gives the ways of their elimination, while inspector applies to the owner of the objects in check measures of administrative and criminal pressure under the lacks revealed".

- I am just interested, if it's the present way our State fire Supervision? - Anatoly Baranov asks. - If there are similar structures in FSB, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Internal Affairs?


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