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Putin's Russia Surpassed Itself - People Are Being Detained Already in Empty Field

Putin's Russia Surpassed Itself - People Are Being Detained Already in Empty Field
Putin's Russia Surpassed Itself - People Are Being Detained Already in Empty Field
Leader of the party "Yabloko" Sergey Mitrokhin was confessed guilty in disobedience to employee of militia and organization of noon-sanctioned meeting in protection of Khimkinsky forest on Starbeevskoe field and sentenced to pay 500 roubles fine. Such decision has been just made by justice court.

It's stated in decision of the court that S.Mitrokhin organized non-sanctioned meeting. Employee of militia cam to him, presented himself and asked to leave the place of the action. Mitrokhin refused to do it, it was considered to be disobedient to militia.

The court adduced operative video where leader of "Yabloko" is not present. There are just shots where S.Mitrokhin gets into militia car. Video was made from distance.

At that the court refused to adduce video of detention made by press-service of "Yabloko".

The judge didn't take into attention evidences of protectors of Khimkinsky forest who were witnesses of the detention. At that two employees of militia who acted in court were called "not interested persons".

"I spent a day in Khimki not for a vain. I saw how mafia of judges-militia-public prosecutor which holds all urban district in its tentacles functions", - leader of "Yabloko" declared. "Militia tells lies, courts prefer to believe to these lies and public prosecutors covers all actions of militia," - he explained.

Leader of "Yabloko" Sergey Mitrokhin was accused under the clause 20.2 of AVC (Infringement of established order of carrying out of assemblies, meetings, demonstrations, demonstrations and picketing). Besides Sergey Mitrokhin was accused under clause 19.3 (Disobedience to the demands of employees of militia), 15 days of arrest should follow.

"The second charge was made up at once when I demanded to release me on the basis of already composed protocol under first charge", - Sergey Mitrokhin noticed. He supposes that the second charge was brought against him to let militiamen convoy him to the building of the court.

About 50 people gathered on August, 2nd at 12.00 on Starbeevskoe field (village Starbeevo). Representatives of Movement in Protection of Khimkinsky Forest, Moscow Council, Left Front, Solidarity, Yabloko and ecologists were among those who gathered. They were going to discuss quietly plan of further activity in protection of forest from cutting off which was not stopped despite the fact that on Thursday, July, 29th Office of Public Prosecutor temporary tabooed cutting off of trees within the limits of check following the request of the deputy of the State Duma Anton Belyakov. Already after few minutes after the beginning of the meeting participators were started to be detained by militiamen. People clutched hands and demanded to explain what's going on, that was the moment employees of OMON decided to help militiamen, they started to detain gathered as if they were criminals - place them into buses having wringed hands and bending heads to the earth. Photo- and video-cameras were bitten out from the hands of journalists.

- Precedent in Khimki region when people who came to the field out of the city were detained "for non-sanctioned meeting" would, probably, enter annals of the Russian jurisprudence, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. -  Let's think whom people staying in the field can make harm? Which, let's say, movement of transport or pedestrians? Who should be asked for permission to gather on the field or in forest? Forest man Mitrich? In due time there was a decision of administration of Khimki restricting the Constitution of RF in small forest zone in Khimki - later it was confessed non-legal according to the suit of citizens (Michael Beketov was one of the protestors) by local court. Now we have new trend - OMON clears people gathered outside the city away, at that it makes it demonstratively severely. Is it necessary to understand that clause 31 of the Constitution of RF acts in the territory if Moscow region under redaction "do not gather in number more than three people"? "Extremism" of things going on is in quite private question of cutting off of the forest - it's not the demand like "Putin - in resignation!" or "Putin's clique - on trial!" It's just ecologic problem when citizens of Khimki want to preserve their forest from being cut off at the time when forests are burning all over Russia. Authorities answer to this decent request by pure militia arbitrariness. What is allowed to do in the country of won colonel of state security?


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