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"Collapse of Dreams" Occurred in Russia

"Collapse of Dreams" Occurred in Russia

The fifth part of population in Russia makes it aim simple survival, even at the most primitive level of existence. At that the quantity of such people increased for 5% for the last year - from 15% up to 20%. That are the results of the interrogation carried out by "Levada-Center" on August, 10-13th.

Young educated inhabitants of the largest cities (first of all Moscow and St.-Petersburg) want to live better. Pensioners, population of small cities and villages - "survive".

However, sharp growth of quantity of people who make it aim simple survival (from 15% up to 20% annually) happens for the first time for last seven years. At that sociologists specify the real figure of "simply surviving" should be even more - in interrogation domiciliary the whole categories of people, for example, homeless people and children, illegal migrants are not taken into consideration. Breaking up occurred not due to those who are guided by the West, their number decreased from 10% up to 9%, within the limits of an error in measurements. It became due to the decrease of the quantity of those who were going to live better than others in the city: from 20% up to 17%. The number of those who made it aim to live not worse than others in the area, city practically didn't change: 56-55%. But their structure, obviously, was updated. Those who filled up numbers poor dropped out of it and their place was borrowed by those who a year ago made it aim to live better than the fellow countrymen. Behind five percent of newly wretched - "an overflowing downwards" which touched up the greater number of the Russians, Rosbalt considers.


- Curiously enough, we in IPROG and on FORUM.msk treat these figures much more easily, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov said. - Simply because we never "retouched" data about real state of affairs in the Russian society and never forge, therefore there was no unexpectedness for us. What did really the given research of "Levada-Center" fix? Only collapse of hopes and illusions which existed in our society during 7.5 years of Vladimir Putin being the president. What this presidency was? It was the time of muffled plans and hopes based on unknown things. Putin came to power without any program, due to his image - after Yeltsin it was enough to look teetotal, sports and energetic. Yes, he is like that, actually, he didn't need to play. He didn't promise anything except for "everything will be ok". It's not possible to get him on a deceit - no promise, no debt. But by the end of the second term even the most stupid understood that nothing would be different than it was. People became sorrowful because the next Ivan-Tsarevitch didn't organize a land of milk and honey and we were simply incapable to demand from authority something concrete. We are able only to long existentially - "Levada-Center" fixed this very grief.


"I am frequently asked what to do? - Anatoly Baranov speaks. - Probably, it is expected that I and my colleagues should have a program like the one of the State Planning Committee for all occasions. But programs are written under real problems to the certain period of time, counting upon some quite certain resources - imperious, financial, human one. What is the reason to waste a paper roughing out programs but having neither the first, nor the second and the third? But if you want not only to long languidly, vamping in passing provincial ladies but to achieve some results, first of all it is necessary to get rid of mythological consciousness, this eternal expectation of a miracle, mystical transformation, "invisible hand of the market", "dictatorships of proletariat" and other as though self-driving "preconditions" which "will be created" and would do everything instead of us. Meanwhile there is nothing of the kind. There is a question of authority and a question of distribution of resources connected in-between. Also there is an idea of progress which should be the basis for any society wishing to have future. The one who clearly and audibly explain his position starting from these not subtilized things, most likely, correspond to the expectations of the society better than others. Putin didn't justify confidence. What a shame for the society...
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